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More than a million UK homes could have outdated routers: can you upgrade for free?

New Which? research reveals that over a million homes in the UK are using wi-fi equipment that's woefully out of date. We explain why this needn't be the case, with most ISPs keen to get you onto the very latest equipment.

Internet router ‘hack’ scam targets UK homes

Scammers posing as BT, TalkTalk or Sky claim your router has been compromised and then try to extort money or steal personal data.

Broadband ‘nanobots’ could double speeds and fix connections

Update: April fools! Don’t worry, the nanobots won’t be invading your broadband any time soon. But if you suffering from bad speeds or poor connections, read our guide to fixing...

Virgin Media wants to use your hub as a hotspot

Virgin Media customers have been told that the company is to expand its wi-fi network, with hubs being added to homes to work as wi-fi hotspots for other Virgin Media...

Security report finds ransomware rise of 93%

A study into the impact of malware in 2017 suggests that hackers are becoming more persistent than ever with attempts to steal, hack or lock personal data. Published by antivirus...

Broadband providers to offer automatic compensation to customers

Experienced loss of service or delayed repairs for your landline and broadband service? You'll soon be entitled to automatic compensation.

WPA2 security protocol vulnerable

WPA2 hack: what you need to know, and what you need to do

Researchers in Belgium have broken the WPA2 wi-fi security protocol – the wireless security standard used by most consumer and business routers. We explain what this means for you and...

Which? reveals UK’s slowest broadband

Our research has found numerous regions in the UK with poor broadband speeds falling short of the 10Mbps Government Universal Service Obligation target.

Have you had a faulty TalkTalk router?

That unassuming little box in the corner of your living room might not look like much, but it’s pretty important. Get one that’s forever going wrong and it can be...

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