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How waterproof is the iPhone 7?

Apple has finally made a waterproof iPhone. The IP67-rated iPhone 7 should survive a full submersion – but there’s only one way to find out for sure.

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iOS 10 released: key features and compatibility

iOS 10 has arrived, but what exactly does Apple have in store for your iPad or iPhone – and will your device support iOS 10? We’ve got the details.

Apple iPhone 7 – everything we expect to see

  It’s that time of year again: the new iPhone is just around the corner. But just what exactly will the iPhone 7 bring? We speculate.

Will the iPhone 7 say goodbye to the headphone jack, and does it matter?

Apple has removed important features from its devices before. So, is Apple right to remove the headphone jack?

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How to speed up your iPhone – five top tips

If you’re a long-time iPhone owner, you may notice your smartphone slow down as it ages. Here’s how to keep your iOS experience a smooth one.

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Apple iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s – which is best?

The iPhone SE is the latest addition to the iPhone family. But how does it compare to the larger iPhone 6s? We do the unthinkable and compare the siblings.

10 essential free apps for iPhone

10 essential free apps for iPhone

Want to get more from your iPhone? We’ve picked 10 free apps we can’t live without.

Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s – should you upgrade?

The iPhone 6s is out. It features a new pressure sensitive screen and high-resolution cameras. But is it really much better than the iPhone 6? Read on for our verdict. 

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iPhone chargers – how do you spot a fake?

A recent BBC documentary, Fake Britain, highlighted the rise of counterfeit iPhones in the UK, but fake iPhone chargers are also on the increase and can be dangerous. A genuine iPhone...

AppleCare: should you buy an iPhone or iPad warranty?

Apple has updated its AppleCare warranty terms for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watches. We assess whether they make for a good deal.

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