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Effie: how much would you pay to never iron again?

Effie is the world’s first automated ironing machine you can use at home – drying and ironing your clothes so you don’t have to. So what’s the catch? It’s no...

Can this £10 Argos steam iron rival a £90 Philips Azur iron?

We compare budget steam irons from cheap brands such as Argos with expensive models from brands such as Philips to see if they're really worth the money

Tefal IXEO QT1020 – the first iron and garment steamer in one

Tefal have launched the IXEO QT1020 - the world's first garment steamer and steam iron in one. We try it out to see if it makes it easier than ever to keep clothes smart and fresh.

JML Aero 360 Pro – does this inflatable device mean the end of ironing?

Find out whether this inflatable Aero 360 drying and ironing machine can smooth creases with the push of a button, or if it's more a hassle than a hero.

Which? tests reveal two new Best Buy irons

Our latest tests have revealed two Best Buy steam irons, which are sure to make your ironing easier. We sent 10 irons to the lab, with prices ranging from £19...

Lidl launches new iron and garment steamer

Can a cheap Lidl iron or a garment steamer banish those creases as well as more expensive models? Our ironing experts reveal the pros and cons of budget options.

Are cheap steam irons any good?

Is an expensive steam iron - a £120- Philips iron, for example - a worthwhile investment? Will it have you storming through your laundry pile, sending creases running for the hills? Or will a cheap steam iron make for quick, easy ironing?

FoldiMate clothes folding machine CES 2018

Would you pay £725 for a machine that folds your laundry?

The FoldiMate is a clothes folding machine that claims to be able to fold a load of laundry, including clothes and bedding, in under four minutes.

Can a cordless steam iron make ironing easier?

We’ve just finished testing the Tefal FV6520 Freemove Air Cordless steam iron (£42), and our latest review is hot off the press. This lightweight iron comes with a power base...

Is it worth spending more on your iron?

Will an expensive steam iron cut down your ironing time? Find a model that will make ironing quicker and easier with our expert advice and the latest reviews

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