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Dyson Lightcycle: are light bulbs on the way out?

Dyson's smart lamp is claimed to last for 60 years, and automatically adjusts output for the time of day, your age and for different tasks. Does is spell the beginning of the end for the humble light bulb?

Nine amazing things you didn’t know about LED light bulbs

We round up some interesting research findings that show how the right lighting can improve your health and well-being as well as your bank balance

Could this space-age LED bulb light up your life?

The Arc light bulb, designed by Swedish design brand Flyte, is set to go on sale later this year and it has just been sent to space as part of its Kickstarter funding campaign. But is it the ultimate LED light bulb? Our lighting experts give their verdict.

Best LEDs to brighten up dark winter days

Which? tests uncover 8 Best Buy LED bulbs and spotlights. Find out which bright, energy-saving LED bulbs will light up your home and save you money.

How much are your Christmas lights going to cost you?

This week, as we celebrate the official Christmas countdown, families will be getting the shiny baubles down from the loft and plugging in those long strings of sparkly fairy lights....

Seven things you do every day that waste energy

Find out how your habits are wasting energy and money, plus quick energy efficiency tips to save energy and save money.

Could you save £232 on your energy bill by switching to LED bulbs?

You could make huge savings on your energy bill by using LED bulbs. We go through some key concerns you may have about making the switch.

LED street lights spark anger in Rome

Rome has switched to LED street lights, causing concern among residents. But LED lighting doesn't have to be cold, and can save you money.

LED lightbulb

The best LED light bulbs for less

Which? reveals the best and cheapest LED lights. LED filament, 60W equivalent, 100W equivalent and spotlight LED light bulbs reviewed.

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