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Wood-burning stove in a brick fireplace with armchair next to it

How much does a multi-fuel or wood-burning stove really cost?

As the colder and darker days descend upon us, the idea of cosying up in front of a log fire is an idyllic one. But how much are you willing...

Woman sat on sofa with two dogs in front of modern wood-burning stove

Best wood-burning stove companies revealed by Which?

Having asked more than 1,400 stove owners about their wood-burning stoves, including durability, ease of use and value for money, we reveal which brand came in first place.

Wood burner

Is the way you’re using your wood-burning stove polluting our planet?

68% of the 1,434 stove owners we asked are slightly or somewhat concerned about the effects of stoves on pollution. Although multi-fuel stoves and log burners contribute to pollution, there are a lot of things you can do to minimise this.

Wood burning stove with dog relaxed in front of it

Can buying a log burner or multi-fuel stove cut your heating bill?

Buying and installing a stove could cost nearly £2,000, so is it worth it? Find out what affects the cost of a log burner or multi-fuel stove.

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