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Remortgaging in 2019: could you get a cheaper rate and cut the cost of your monthly repayments?

Which? explains how the cost of mortgages has changed over the last five years, and offers advice on whether you can save money by remortgaging in 2019.

Bad credit mortgages: 10 common myths busted

From believing that all bad credit mortgages come with sky high rates, to thinking you'll never be approved for one at all - here's the truth behind the myths.

Could this new mortgage save Help to Buy homeowners thousands?

Which? explains how Help to Buy homeowners can remortgage to pay off their equity loan, avoiding the costly interest fees that kick in after five years.

Could filing your tax return early help you get a mortgage?

Self-employed people will need to show proof of earnings when applying for a mortgage - but it may be impossible to do this until you file your tax return.

Record number of mortgage deals – but is it easier to borrow now?

With more deals available and cheaper rates for 95% mortgages, is it getting easier to buy a home? Which? explains how to find the best mortgage deal.

Tuition fees reform: can student debt stop you getting a mortgage?

As the government considers a shake-up of the tuition fee system, Which? explains how student loans will affect your application for a mortgage.

Santander replaces mortgage SVR with base-rate tracker deal

We look at how the tracker mortgage works, how it compares to other trackers on the market, and how it might affect new and existing Santander customers.

What can you do if your mortgage offer expires?

Which? looks at your options if your mortgage agreement expires when you're buying a new-build home due to a delay in its completion date.

How your income affects your mortgage chances

Which? looks at affordability regulations, and how mortgage lenders assess household income when deciding how much they'll let you borrow to buy a home.

The 30 sqm squeeze: would you buy a ‘micro-home’?

An Englishman’s home may be his castle, but for an ever growing number of buyers, that may mean a property less than 37 square meters – or the size of...

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