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Stay clued up: eight biggest scams of 2018

Romance scams, fake World Cup tickets, bogus Brexit investments and even Prince Harry’s wedding are tipped to be some of the methods fraudsters will use this year. High street bank...

online scams card and keyboard

Public at risk of cyber crime attacks

Public at risk of cyber crime - government warns millions of people are vastly underestimating the threat of being hit by computer hackers. We explain the steps to take to protect yourself online and how to spot online and internet scams and how to report them.

Six Nations Rugby fans lose up to £10,000 as ticketing firm vanishes

More than 80 victims have allegedly been defrauded out of thousands of pounds each after buying hospitality tickets for the Six Nations rugby tournament from an unauthorised seller, Which? can...

Britons lose £41 million to online romance fraud – how to avoid the scammers

Online fraudsters made £41 million from romance scams last year, according to new research by #DateSafe. Stay safe dating online this year with our top tips.

Millions of scam emails blocked by British cyber defence

Britain's cyber defences are blocking 4.5 million malicious scam emails each month on average, according to figures compiled by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Tech Support Scam Agents

On the phone with the tech support scammers

Tech support scammers are a growing menace to UK consumers. A pop-up warning of a made-up virus, or a phone call from someone pretending to be Microsoft, are all it...

Barclays to ‘intervene’ in suspected fraud transfers

Barclays has become the first UK high street bank to introduce a new ‘fraud intervention service’ that alerts consumers if a transaction seems suspicious. From today, the new system will...

Nine in ten people hit by email scams every month

As many as nine in ten people said they are receiving at least one dodgy email a month that’s evaded their spam filters, new Which? research on email scams has...

Under-25s’ risky online habits ‘leave them open to fraudsters’

Millennials’ ‘complacent’ attitudes to online security could be leaving them open to scams and identity theft, researchers have found. In a survey examining 18-24-year-olds’ online behaviour, 29% said they would share...

Mind games: 7 ways scammers win you over

More than a quarter of Brits have fallen prey to online scammers – even though a majority of victims thought there was something fishy going on. How do scammers convince...

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