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TSB to offer small short-term loans as an alternative to overdrafts

TSB will unveil a new range of short-term loans to help overdraft borrowers facing hikes of up to 50% EAR. Which? investigates if small personal loans are a viable alternative.

Borrowers face early-repayment charges on half of all personal loans

Which? analysis has found over half (59%) of loans on the market come with penalties that could catch borrowers out when trying to clear their debts early.

Cheap ‘teaser’ loan rates costing borrowers £194m

Borrowers could be paying hundreds of pounds more on the best personal loan deals because they aren't offered the advertised rate. Here's how to fight back.

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New loan grows cheaper as your credit score improves: is it worth using?

LiveLend is offering a unique personal loan that rewards customers with a lower rate if their credit score improves over the term of the deal. Is it worth going for?

8 tips for avoiding ‘teaser rates’ and finding the best personal loans

New research suggests borrowers that don't get the headline rate on personal loans are paying much more than they budgeted for. Which? explains how to be savvier when shopping around for a new deal.

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