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Wood-burning stove with a Christmas tree and black dog in front of it

Is your stove doing more damage than you know? We reveal the least-polluting fuels

Using the wrong fuels on your multi-fuel stove or log bruner can create more pollution. Make sure you're using the right fuel to ensure you maximise your stove's efficiency, minimise pollution and save money.

Should you buy the Puripod Air Purifier?

We're becoming more aware of the dangers of air pollution. Yet standard air purifiers are often big and bulky. Will the cheap, compact plug-in Puripod, mainly available from Argos and Amazon, make clean air available to the rest of us?

Should you snap up a cheap Aldi air purifier?

Air pollution has been linked to serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke and lung cancer.  An air purifier can reduce your exposure to pollution, but they're expensive. Should you buy the £60 Aldi Easy Home air purifier?

Wood burner

Is the way you’re using your wood-burning stove polluting our planet?

68% of the 1,434 stove owners we asked are slightly or somewhat concerned about the effects of stoves on pollution. Although multi-fuel stoves and log burners contribute to pollution, there are a lot of things you can do to minimise this.

Chimney smoking from wood burning stove

Three ways to use your wood-burning stove correctly

As the government launches its Clean Air Strategy 2019, we look at three ways you can use your wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove correctly, from buying dry wood to getting smokeless fuel with less than 2% sulphur content.

Chimney smoking from wood burning stove

3 ways the new Clean Air Strategy will change rules for wood-burning stoves

New Government plans see it try to cut pollution from stoves by 45% by 2030. Which? takes a look at how the new Clean Air Strategy, currently in draft form, is likely to affect log burner and multi-fuel stove owners.

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