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Samsung unveils new QLED, 8K and lifestyle TVs at CES 2020

CES is a time for TV manufacturers to stretch their wings and give us a vision of the future of TVs. Samsung has done just that with a showcase of 8K, bezel-free TVs, modular screens and rotating ones.

The Serif and The Frame: Samsung’s design-led TVs reviewed

Think you know what a TV should look like? Think again. With The Serif and The Frame, Samsung has designed TVs that make a statement in your room with bold aesthetics that make them just as much a piece of furniture as a piece of tech, but are they any good?

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals for 2019 from Which?

It's Black Friday week and the TV deals are live. There's plenty of them too, so we've rounded up some of the best we've found so far. We'll add to this story all week, so be sure to check back for the latest tempting offers.

Should you buy a store-brand TV on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Store brand TVs from JVC, Bush and Logik are likely to be the cheapest on Black Friday. But do they have the quality to challenge the might LG and Samsung, or are they best left alone?

Five TVs to look for this Black Friday

Black Friday is fast approaching and there will be scores of TVs with money off. Some will be good, many will be bad. It's impossible to predict with absolute certainty, but we've picked five we suspect will get cheap on the big day, so you see if any are suitable for you.

Why you love the wrong TV brands

Whether subconscious or not, we have some bias towards certain brands. Sometimes it's earned with stellar performance and other times it's just what we know. So are you choosing the TV brand with the best models, or is your sentimental decision costing you?

Is Samsung’s Black Friday TV range worth buying?

Black Friday is fast approaching and the big TV brands are prepared. We've tested the latest ranges from Samsung, Panasonic more so you know if these already bargain TVs are worth seeking out on the big day.

Hisense cheap OLED and LCD TVs reviewed

We've been testing Hisense TVs for five years and it's never stopped undercutting the competition, but it's never quite reached the heights that some of those rival TV brands manage either. Is 2019 and Hisense's first OLED going to change all that?

LG, Samsung or Sony: who makes the best cheap TVs in 2019?

When it comes to buying anything we all have our limit – a budget in mind that we won’t exceed. 4K TVs can cost anywhere from £400 to £4,000 and...

Samsung TVs on test: are its new curved and high-end QLED sets worth a look?

Samsung is the last bastion of curved TVs, but should they give up on angled screens, or is the new 7300 range something special. We've also got our expert verdict on the flagship Q90R QLED range.

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