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Four ways to boost your pension if you’re self-employed

Find out four simple ways to make sure you save enough into your pension for retirement if you're self-employed.

12 things to know about your self-employed tax return for 2017-18

With less than a week to go until the 31 January deadline, freelancers and self-employed workers across the country will be scrambling to complete their submissions. So, are you up...

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Homebuyers: this is why banks won’t give you a mortgage

A new report has revealed the reasons why so many mortgage applications get rejected. Find out what you can do to improve your chances.

Could filing your tax return early help you get a mortgage?

Self-employed people will need to show proof of earnings when applying for a mortgage - but it may be impossible to do this until you file your tax return.

National Insurance tax cut for millions of self-employed workers scrapped

Some 3.4 million self-employed workers may be paying more tax next year than planned, after the Treasury reversed plans to scrap Class 2 National Insurance contributions.

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Self-employed? 12 tax changes you need to know for 2018-19

If you're running your own business, every penny counts - and tax rules can have a huge impact on how much you earn. Find out how the new tax year will affect self-employed people.

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Ask an expert: ‘I’m paying too much tax with payment on account’

Which? explains tax payment on account - how it's calculated, who needs to pay HMRC in advance, and how to adjust your payments if your income changes.

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Athletes given the mortgage red card by TSB

Which? looks at how you can get a mortgage to buy a home if you're a professional sportsperson or a self-employed buyer with an inconsistent income.

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