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Best tech Christmas gifts under £100

Tis the season to buy something rubbish at the last minute. Choose one of the these cheap tech gifts for and keep your friends and family happy.

Is it safe to sell your smart home devices?

Tech trading website Swappa now lets you sell and buy smart home tech, from smart hubs such as the Amazon Echo to security cameras, but is this wise?

A quarter of UK households now contain a smart home device

A quarter of UK households now contain a smart home device, such as a smart hub, speaker or wireless security camera, a new survey reveals.

Blade Runner and sci-fi tech: is it already here?

We're near the point when some of the sci-fi movies we grew up with were set. Have their visions of the future come true or are we way behind technologically?

The new Hive 360 smart hub could make your home more secure

Hive's new smart hub can listen our for sounds and send alerts to you if it deems them important. Is this useful or a gimmick and can other devices do it?

Seven new smart home gadgets to revolutionise your home

The IFA tech show threw up some curious new smart home tech from brands including Nest, Panasonic and Philips. Will any of it become a staple of UK homes?

‘Mega deals’ in the Currys bank holiday sales – are they really a bargain?

We've picked out a few deals in Currys' bank holiday sale to find products worth buying and some you should leave languishing on the shelf.

Google Home: a smart hub that sounds bad

The Google Home does everything from controlling smart tech to ordering taxis. It can play music too, but once you've listened to it you'd rather it didn't.

Amazon Echo to be the latest tech to embrace advertising

Tech is getting smarter and companies are incorporating ads into everything from smart hubs to TVs and games consoles. What's next for advertising?

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