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New government report reveals whether smart meters will save you time and money

Smart meter timings could be extended to 2024, the government announced. Plus a smart meter could save you £250 over 20 years and save you around 15 minutes per year.

Who is saving energy with their smart meter?

Some smart meter owners say they’re saving energy but others disagree. So we analysed Which? smart meter data to find out who is getting the most from smart meters. Follow our energy-saving tips to cut your gas and electricity bills.

Smart meter roll-out: late and costly, official report finds

The smart meter roll-out is late, its costs are rising and the costs of installing smart meters are 50% higher than the government predicted, a new National Audit Office report reveals. Find out if smart meters are worth it.

Should I get a smart meter yet?

The latest on the smart meter roll-out from British Gas, EDF Energy, Npower and more, including smart meters and solar panels and the gas meters where some energy companies won’t replace with smart meters.

Smart meters: what owners really think

Find out what smart meter owners think, the pros and cons of smart meters and whether smart meters are mandatory.

Do you feel under pressure to get a smart meter?

Energy customers have told Which? they feel under pressure to get a smart meter. We look at letters from energy companies about smart meter installations.

Smart meter 2020 target: will energy companies meet it?

The smart meter roll-out aims to finish in 2020, but will energy companies finish in time? Which research reveals the scale of the smart meter challenge.

Top four smart meter problems and how to solve them

The most common smart meter problems, according to those who have them, plus tips from Which? and Smart Energy GB on how to fix them.

Smart meter and solar panels

Smart meters and solar panels: what’s the sticking point?

Some solar panel owners have been told they can’t have a smart meter yet, thanks to their solar PV. We reveal which energy firms can install smart meters with solar, and problems owners face.

Close up of a smart energy meter

When will you get a smart meter?

None of the big energy firms we spoke to, including British Gas, EDF, Eon and SSE, are yet installing SMETS2 smart meters. And regulator Ofgem is ‘concerned’ about some energy companies’ plans.

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