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Social influencer ads still not clear enough

Social media users are still struggling to tell when influencers and celebrities are posting ads, according to a report teleased today. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)  said its study into...

Does checking your phone while behind the wheel invalidate your car insurance?

A quarter of millennials admit to checking their social media feed while driving. Which? reveals whether car insurance will cover them if they're caught.

Facebook blocks users from checking how multiple adverts target them

The world’s biggest social media site is restricting users from finding out why multiple sponsored posts are appearing in their news feed, Which? has found. Facebook users are able to...

Scam alert: fraudsters impersonating the EuroMillions winners are promising a chunk of the £115m jackpot

Fraudsters are impersonating EuroMillions winners Frances and Patrick Connolly are promising a chunk of the £115m jackpot in return for YouTube subscribers.

Could your Facebook posts affect your car insurance quotes?

We take a look at how your social media data could be used by car insurance companies and if this affects the price of your car insurance.

Morrisons and Sainsbury’s customers targeted by scammers on WhatsApp

Morrisons and Sainsbury’s are the latest big-name retailers scammers are using to trick people into parting with their personal details via Whatsapp. Find out how you can avoid being a victim of a Whatsapp scam.

Reddit users hit by data breach

Reddit users have been affected by a data breach; usernames, email addresses and passwords were snatched. Find out what to do if your data is compromised.

People feel powerless to protect their personal data on Facebook

Facebook users are concerned about how personal data is handled but feel powerless to protect it - Which? explains your rights and how to manage data

Facebook under pressure for allowing scam adverts

Facebook has been urged to crack down on scam adverts after it took money from con artists promoting scams in its news feeds, just weeks before it is due to...

a male customer services representative on the phone to a customer

The top five things you hate most about customer service

What winds you up most about customer service? What do you love? See if your top gripes tally with others and which big brands have the best service.

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