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Nine tips for saving money on your summer holiday in 2019

A trip abroad can quickly blow through your budget. Which? shares 9 tips for avoiding rip-off card fees, poor currency exchange rates and expensive train travel.

Mastercard protects prepaid card customers from hefty foreign exchange fees

UK tourists using a Mastercard prepaid travel debit card will now only be able to pay holiday money in local currency.

8 tips to Brexit-proof your holiday money in 2019

Millions of UK holidaymakers are daydreaming about their break in the sun, but this year, many are understandably anxious about how a no-deal Brexit could affect the cost of their...

N26 launches premium Black account: is it the best card to use abroad?

Mobile bank N26 has launched N26 Black, a subscription-based account focused on foreign currency purchases and withdrawals. Is it worth the monthly cost?

7 ways to avoid being ripped off at the cash machine on holiday

From dodgy exchange rates to hidden fees, Which? explains the pitfalls of using your debit or credit cards overseas and offers tips for spending abroad.

Travel money: the best cards to use abroad for holiday spending

If you’re going on holiday, you should give your spending money some thought. Which? reveals the cheapest debit, credit and prepaid cards to use abroad.

17,000 at risk from Tesco Bank Travel Money data leak: how to protect yourself

Details of nearly 17,000 customers have been exposed by Tesco Bank’s foreign exchange service Travelex. Find out if you're impacted and what to do to keep safe.

Tandem launches overseas cashback credit card: is it worth applying?

Digital challenger bank Tandem has launched a cashback credit card that also offers fee-free spending worldwide. But is it worth going for?

Ask an Expert: are prepaid cards the best option for spending overseas?

Which? explains the best way to manage your money when planning a trip, including prepaid cards, credit cards, debit cards and buying foreign currency.

Pound nears an all-time low: should you lock in your travel money now?

The pound hit a 10-month low against the euro this week – with £1 buying you just 1.09 euros. In fact, sterling is almost at its lowest-ever rate against the...

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