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Five laundry habits to stop immediately

Our quick tips will help you have impeccably clean clothes that don't lose their shape and fray before their time.

10 things you should never do if you own a washing machine

From making sure you don't overload your washing machine, to checking you use enough detergent and carrying out regular quick maintenance. Discover 10 way to make your washing machine last longer and work better.

Broken dishwasher

When your broken washing machine isn’t worth fixing

Our investigation reveals when it's worth repairing your washing machine, vacuum cleaner or other appliance and when it's better to replace it.

Safety alert issued on Swan washing machines due to fire risk

A safety alert has been issued on Swan washing machines with model codes SW1010 and SW1020 due to risk of fire. Check if your washing machine is affected.

The dirty truth about washing machine quick washes

Washing machine quick washes don’t clean, rinse or spin dry as well as longer washes, Which? research has found. We tested the quick wash on 10 different washing machines*, comparing...

QuickDrive: three reasons you might want to buy this Samsung washing machine

Get the lowdown on the pros and cons of the smart Samsung washing machine, the Quick Drive.

‘Worst washing machine tested’. Read our review

Our latest Which? washing machine reviews have revealed the worst of those we’ve tested that’s currently available to buy. And it’s the second worst we’ve seen in the last eight...

Latest John Lewis washing machine reviews

Two of the latest, popular John Lewis machines compared. And find out how John Lewis machines stack up against Bosch, Miele, Samsung and LG.

FoldiMate clothes folding machine CES 2018

Would you pay £725 for a machine that folds your laundry?

The FoldiMate is a clothes folding machine that claims to be able to fold a load of laundry, including clothes and bedding, in under four minutes.

New Fairy bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

A new recyclable Fairy washing-up liquid bottle is launching next year, which its manufacturers claim will help to tackle the problem of plastic waste.

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