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Will this machine change the way we do laundry forever?

The Samsung AirDresser could be a revolution in cleaning, drying and refreshing your clothes. Which? went to take a look at this new laundry appliance.

Five laundry habits to stop immediately

Our quick tips will help you have impeccably clean clothes that don't lose their shape and fray before their time.

How reliable are washer-dryers compared to washing machines and tumble dryers?

Washer-dryers are one of the worst appliances for reliability. Only cookers are worse, Which? research has found. This means washer-dryers are less reliable than both washing machines and tumble dryers...

Five things you need to know about integrated washer-dryers

Thinking about buying an integrated washer-dryer in the Black Friday sales? Find out the pros and cons of going for an integrated model and how much you need to pay to get the best integrated washer-dryer.

We’ve just found the best washer-dryer of 2018

Washer-dryers have a bad reputation for being unreliable and not washing or drying particularly well, but we’ve just found one that is brilliant at both.  In fact, this washer-dryer is...

QuickDrive: three reasons you might want to buy this Samsung washing machine

Get the lowdown on the pros and cons of the smart Samsung washing machine, the Quick Drive.

New Fairy bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

A new recyclable Fairy washing-up liquid bottle is launching next year, which its manufacturers claim will help to tackle the problem of plastic waste.

Five ways a Don’t Buy washing machine will let you down

We round up the five key reasons why Don’t Buy washing machines are a waste of time and money and simply won’t get the clothes clean.

Laundry capsules on a pile of clothes

Save 46% on laundry detergent

Our 2017 laundry capsule tests show that you can make big savings by switching from the top-scoring big brand capsule to the next best capsule on test - a cheap own-brand washing capsule.

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