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Over half of adults plan to work during their retirement

52% of adults plan to work into their retirement. Find out what continuing to work means for your pension and tax bill.

Four ways to boost your pension if you’re self-employed

Find out four simple ways to make sure you save enough into your pension for retirement if you're self-employed.

Women caring for children £45,000 worse off in pension savings

Caring for children could leave you significantly worse off at retirement. Find out how to bridge the parental pensions pay gap.

Update your retirement age or risk losing £10,000 from your pension

Millions of employees risk losing out on £10,000 in pension savings, new data shows. Find out why and how to avoid this costly mistake.

State pension error hits almost 400,000 workers: are you affected?

Almost 400,000 workers received the wrong state pension details find out if your state pension entitlement is correct.

‘My state pension was slashed by £815 a year’ – why thousands could face state pension cuts

Which? reveals the impact that state pension cuts are having on retired workers and how you can check your entitlement.

20 ways to boost your pension in 2019

Whether you've just started your pension planning or are looking to retire soon, we reveal 20 simple ways to boost your pension savings in the New Year.

One in three unaware of workplace pension auto-enrolment

A third of UK workers don't know they're auto-enroled onto a workplace pension. Find what auto-enolment is and how it could help you save for retirement.

Government owes £4 trillion in state pension payments – should you worry?

The UK’s total pension liability rose to £7.6tn between 2010 and 2015 – an increase of £1tn, a new report from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows.  Pension liabilities...

Pensioners missing out on £2bn worth of free money

More than three million people are missing out on a free pension contribution from their employer by failing to make just a small increase to their savings – worth as...

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