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Panasonic HZ2000 OLED TV on display at CES 2020

Panasonic and Hisense unveil exciting new OLED and Laser TVs at CES 2020

Panasonic uses CES 2020 as a launching point for far more than TVs, but it did have one interesting new OLED to show off, meanwhile Hisense had lots to say on the TV front, with Laser TVs quantum dot models and a new dual-cell LCD system to show off.

Sony announces 8K TVs and a small screen OLED at CES 2020

While most manufacturers focus solely on their high-end TVs at CES, Sony has provided information on everything from 8K sets and premium OLEDs to mid-range LCD TVs. Here's what we learned from its CES 2020 press conference.

LG debuts 48-inch 4K OLED, 8K TV sets and picture-frame TVs at CES 2020

LG unveiled a 48-inch OLED at CES 2020 alongside some bigger ones, and a TV designed to look like a picture when it's not turned on. Here's everything we know about LG's new TVs for far.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Which is the best TV streaming service?

The appeal is obvious – streaming services offer hours of film, documentary and television with new titles popping up regularly. But each has a different interface, more and more content is exclusive and they don't always let you download shows to watch on the go - we can help you pick which is best.

Samsung unveils new QLED, 8K and lifestyle TVs at CES 2020

CES is a time for TV manufacturers to stretch their wings and give us a vision of the future of TVs. Samsung has done just that with a showcase of 8K, bezel-free TVs, modular screens and rotating ones.

Christmas calories – should you trust your fitness tracker?

Have you really burned off the calories in those mince pies? We've found that inaccurate fitness watches and activity trackers could trick you in to thinking you've burned twice the number of calories you actually have.

5 ways to get the most from a new fitness tracker

With prices starting from around £20, a fitness tracker is no longer a luxury purchase. More people are turning to fitness trackers and smartwatches to help them lose weight, monitor a new fitness routine or simply get a bit more feedback on their day-to-day life.

LG Gram 17: the lightest 17-inch laptop we’ve ever tested

The LG Gram 17Z990 weighs as little as a 13-inch MacBook Pro, and both the 17-inch and smaller 14-inch models have been through our tough laptops test lab.

The Serif and The Frame: Samsung’s design-led TVs reviewed

Think you know what a TV should look like? Think again. With The Serif and The Frame, Samsung has designed TVs that make a statement in your room with bold aesthetics that make them just as much a piece of furniture as a piece of tech, but are they any good?

UK broadband and mobile network coverage improving, but more can be done

New data from the telecoms regulator, Ofcom, shows that although more people in the UK are able to get faster broadband and a good mobile signal than last year, some rural areas are still being left behind in terms of coverage.

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