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Smart homes

Blade Runner and sci-fi tech: is it already here?

We're near the point when some of the sci-fi movies we grew up with were set. Have their visions of the future come true or are we way behind technologically?

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Google Home Mini and five new smart hubs to get excited about

Amazon and Google have bolstered their smart home catalogue with six new devices. Which one should be on your shopping list?

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Hoover Vision oven

Has Hoover designed the oven of the future?

The Hoover Vision smart oven has a full colour interactive touchscreen built into the door, and can connect to your phone via an app. Is this the future of cooking?

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Is O2’s £17.50 a month smart home worth it?

For between £15 and £17.50 O2 will install a package of smart devices in your home. We see if the plans are good value or if you should shop elsewhere.

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Google Assistant comes to Android TV

Google Assistant is coming to Android TV. Find out which devices are getting the update, what it does, and whether it's better than Alexa-controlled TV.

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76% of Brits are scared of the smart home

A survey has found that 76% of people are fearful of smart tech. Are we right to be worried? Read our advice on the risks with smart home technology.

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New Amazon Echo family unveiled: what you need to know

Amazon has released a range of new Echo speakers - the 2nd generation Echo, which puts music first, the Echo Plus and the surprise Echo Spot.

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The new Hive 360 smart hub could make your home more secure

Hive's new smart hub can listen our for sounds and send alerts to you if it deems them important. Is this useful or a gimmick and can other devices do it?

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Amazon Echo vs Google Home: which understands you best?

The Amazon Echo and Google Home have plenty of features, but they're no good if they can't understand you. We found out which is best at voice recognition.

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DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone launches: better battery and less noise

DJI has unveiled the Mavic Pro Platinum drone. We explore its claims and what they mean, plus how it compares to its predecessor, the Mavic Pro.

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