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Everyday Finances: Call for Insight

Which?'s new Everyday Finances research has highlighted that there are many people who feel that, as we are transitioning to a world dominated online banking and digital payments, they are no longer in the driving seat - Which?

Which? believes the publication of our Everyday Finance report should be the start of a conversation with all key stakeholders about how we protect consumer access to banking in an increasingly digital age. 

Over the next few months we hope to engage with as many key stakeholders about the next steps the UK needs to take, As part of this we have published a call for insight which sets out findings from a large scale research project undertaken in partnership with Collaborate Research. 

It sets out the four key issues that Which? is calling on industry, the UK government and regulators to address:

  1. Consumers must have access core banking and payments services that meet their needs.
  2. Consumers must not face unnecessary barriers or experience harm when engaging with digital banking and payments.
  3. Consumers who cannot - or may struggle to - adopt newer banking and payments technology must have access to appropriate products, services and support.
  4. Consumers must have a choice over how they access essential banking services. 

For each of these issues, we have set out key questions that we believe will help advance the debate on how we effectively protect access to banking for consumers in a digital age.

This is an opportunity for Which? to engage with others, to develop our understanding of consumers and to work together with others to achieve positive change for consumers.

Everyday Finances call for insight 123 Kb | 27 Nov 2019

Which? would welcome engagement and responses to the findings in our research and the questions above by Thursday 24 January 2020. 

You can get in touch with our team at everydayfinances@which.co.uk