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Updated: 6 Aug 2021

Ten airlines rated worst for food

Want to avoid a disappointing in-flight meal? We reveal the short and long-haul carriers rated lowest for food
Which?Editorial team
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Dining at 30,000ft used to be a glamorous indulgence with fine food and champagnes served from real china and crystal glasses.

These days, the reality is more likely to be something stodgy and inedible sweating beneath its foil wrapping.

And, to make matters worse, you may have to pay for the privilege as airlines continue to strip back services to compete with their budget rivals.

So do you throw caution to the tailwind or pack enough sandwiches to see you through?

To find out, we asked more than 6,500 Which? members to rate the range and quality of in-flight food and drink based on their own recent experiences.

Here, we reveal the airlines that were left languishing at the bottom of the table.

Short-haul airlines

While food on long-haul flights might not always be great at least it’s often still free. It’s even more galling to be served up a terrible plate, such as the ‘Irish breakfast’ above, that one customer received from Ryanair and be expected to pay more for it than you would in a decent café in Dublin. 

Very few short-haul airlines provided good food in our most recent survey, but the five below all had two stars out of five or less – and largely dismal overall customer scores. 


Long-haul airlines

On long-haul the food served up by the best airlines – such as Emirates, Qatar and Singapore, all of whom got four stars in our most recent survey – is something you look forward to as the best part of the flight. 

On the worst airlines such as BA, though, who served one poor customer the sludge above, it’s a crushing disappointment. If some airlines can provide decent food, surely they all can?