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6 August 2021

Best AAA batteries

The best AAA batteries last hours longer than the worst. Here we round up the batteries' test results to help you find the best AAA batteries for your gadgets.
Hollie Hennessy
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Our AAA battery lab tests reveal which batteries will keep your devices powered for longer, and which AAA batteries won't.

We’ve compared Energizer, Duracell and Panasonic AAA batteries with supermarket own-brand batteries, such as Aldi, Morrisons, Lidl and Sainsbury's, to find the very best. Our Best Buy AAA batteries last an hour and a half longer than the worst batteries on test in high-drain devices and four hours longer in medium-drain devices, like a games console.

Our rigorous lab tests simulate a range of different power drain situations; in low-power devices, such as a clock, and high-power devices, such as a camera or torch. Our lab tests have revealed that some batteries are better in high-power devices, but not so good in low-power devices. This means you can use our results to choose the best battery to suit the type of device you want to use them in.

We also test how likely the batteries are to leak and ruin your devices. Plus we’ve calculated the cost per hour for each battery, so you can use our results to see which batteries are the best value for money.

Which brands make AAA batteries?

  • Duracell offers three different types of alkaline AAA batteries
  • Energizer has both alkaline and lithium AAA batteries available
  • Panasonic produces a wide range of AAA batteries, including alkaline and zinc batteries
  • Varta has an assortment of disposable batteries, from alkaline to lithium and zinc
  • GP sells both lithium and alkaline AAA batteries
  • Supermarkets including Aldi, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco
  • Drug stores such as Boots and Superdrug

Best AAA batteries

  • 92%

    These lithium AAAs achieved the best score in our tests and are the perfect choice if you need long-lasting batteries for high-drain and medium-drain devices.

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  • 87%

    These lithium batteries are great in high and medium-drain devices such as cameras or games console controllers, but it's worth noting they are quite expensive and won't power your low-drain devices as well as cheaper alternatives.

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Typically, the Best Buys are also some of the priciest batteries. However, you can save money by opting for own-brand Best Buys, where a pack of eight is just a fraction of the price of other Best Buys. 

Lithium batteries tend to be more expensive and are aimed towards power-hungry devices such as compact cameras. For low-drain devices, lithium batteries can have a shorter life span and a higher price than other AAAs we’ve tested. In other words, don’t waste them in a clock.

We’ve also uncovered Best Buy AAA alkaline batteries which match the battery life of lithium batteries across a range of devices and even surpass them in low-drain, some for as little as 25p per battery.

This means you can use our test results to find the batteries that will last the best in any of your devices, and to pick the batteries that are most cost-effective.

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