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Updated: 22 Jun 2022

Burglar alarm and installation costs

Discover the average price of buying and installing a burglar alarm system and signing up to a maintenance or monitoring contracts. Plus, see how you could save on your alarm and installation.
Andrew Laughlin

Installation is a key consideration when shopping for a burglar alarm. Can you install the system yourself? Or will you need to shell out for a potentially costly installation service on top of what you have already spent? 

Advice given by alarm installers can vary greatly, and the same goes with what they charge you. So, it's important to know all the facts before you agree to pay for an installation service. 

Installation is not the only aspect to consider - you also need to think about potential maintenance and monitoring costs, too.

Before you decide on installation, ensure that you have browsed all fully-tested alarms in our burglar alarm and smart security reviews. We have models to suit all budgets and needs, including Best Buys available at under £100.

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Alternatively, read our free advice on how to choose a burglar alarm installation service. 

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Choosing a burglar alarm installer

There are a few different options when it comes to getting a burglar alarm installed, and our research has found you could save around £60 depending on the option you choose. 

When buying and installing your alarm, you can either: 

  • buy an alarm and fit it yourself (or have a family member or friend do it) 
  • buy an alarm from an alarm company or installer, either local or national, and have them fit it for you 
  • buy an alarm and use an independent installer to fit it 
  • choose an alarm company to install and monitor your alarm for you 
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Burglar alarm contracts

Many burglar alarm companies and installers also offer contracts, either for ongoing maintenance of the alarm or for monitoring and responding when it the alarm is triggered.  

If you choose to get a burglar alarm contract, you'll need to think about this when choosing an installer. 

Not all installers or alarm companies can provide all types of contract, and the company you take out a contract with is likely to want to install the alarm for you. 

If you're unsure what type of burglar alarm to get, or whether you need a monitoring contract, read more about the different types of burglar alarms

For local installers and companies, it's worth talking to friends and neighbours who have had an alarm fitted to help you find recommendations. 

Don't forget to visit our page on the best and worst burglar alarm brands before you buy, to see how big brands, including ADT, Yale and Chubb, were rated by alarm owners.  

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Approved burglar alarms, installers and companies 

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI or NACOSS) and the Security Systems Alarm and Inspection Board (SSAIB) offer burglar alarm accreditation schemes for installers and alarm companies, checking things such as an installer or company's vehicles and tools, as well as management abilities and financial stability - particularly important if you want to take out a maintenance or monitoring contract. It's wise to make sure the installer or alarm company you choose is accredited to one of these schemes. 

If you want a burglar alarm with police monitoring, this is a requirement, as is the case for some insurance companies. Both companies also offer accreditation for CCTV installers if this is something you're interested in.  

Ideally, the alarm, installation and maintenance should also conform to certain standards - this is a definite requirement if you are getting a contract. 

All burglar alarm systems need to be installed and maintained to meet European Standards BS EN 50131 and, additionally for the UK, British Standards Published Document PD6662. 

If you want to get a system with police response monitoring, it must also meet the British Standards BS 8243.  When you choose an installer or alarm company, it's worth getting its accreditation in writing, as well as written proof that your alarm and installation meets the required standards, so that you have confirmation of this.   

To help you narrow down alarm installers and companies in your area, visit Which? Trusted Traders, where you'll find recommended tradespeople who have been through our rigorous selection process.  

Burglar alarm installer checklist 

Before you go ahead with an installer, make sure you check all of the below: 

  • Identification: Inspectorate-approved companies/installers carry identity cards and will have been screened to the BS 78598 code of practice, so ask to see their ID. 
  • Accreditation: Make sure they are accredited to the National Security Inspectorate (NSI or NACOSS) and the Security Systems Alarm and Inspection Board (SSAIB). 
  • Police registration: If you want a police-monitoring contract, the alarm company or installer you use will need to be registered with the local police. 
  • Crime statistics: Be wary of firms that quote crime figures for your area to sell you an alarm – these are often invented. The Office for National Statistics website has real figures. 
  • Insurance: Check with your insurer that they approve of the alarm type and installer. Extra costs: Be wary of costs for extra features or add-ons – our page on the cost of burglar alarms and installation will advise you on how to make sure you get the best price for what you want. 
  • Avoid scams: Don’t buy your alarm system from cold callers.