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Updated: 2 Feb 2022

Gourmesso, FineCoffeeClub or Nespresso? Coffee pod retailers compared

We compare online Nespresso-compatible pod retailers on price, capsule range and more to help you find the best pods.
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If you want to branch out and try new coffee flavours, or are looking for cheaper alternatives to Nespresso pods, then you might consider buying compatible coffee pods from an online retailer.

With the rise in popularity of Nespresso-compatible capsules, specialist online retailers have sprung up to rival Nespresso. But which ones offer the best range, or the best value for money? 

In this guide, we compare the major Nespresso pod retailers on things such as price, range, extra costs and coffee types to help you find the best coffee pods for you.

Just want to see which Nespresso-compatible pods we recommend, based on our independent taste test of high street and online options? Head to our round-up of the best Nespresso-compatible capsules.

Online Nespresso pod retailers compared

BrandPricingDelivery costsRange of pods
Cafepod table


From 30p per capsule, with a minimum order of 60 pods. 

Subscription options from £11.95/month for 40 pods.

Free on orders over £45, otherwise £4.95. 

Unlimited delivery from £10 per year.

Cafépod offers eight espressos and nine lungos, including a decaf option, with a focus on strength. It also has taster packs available.. 

Cafépod roasts its beans in the UK, and its coffee pods are not recyclable. 

You can view more details about the range on the Cafépod website.



55p-85p per pod. Minimum order of 40 capsules. 

Subscription options from £20/month for 40 pods.

Standard delivery is free.

Colonna has a small selection of five ranges to choose from: Foundation, Discovery, Rare, Decaffeinated and Compostable. Espresso and lungo options available. 

You can try a £10 taster pack to discover your favourites.

Find out more details about the range on the Colonna website.


Fine Coffee Club

17p-23p per pod. Minimum order of 50 capsules.

Promises to beat any other retailer on price or it will refund you the difference.


Order 101 capsules and delivery is free.

Standard delivery is £2.95.

Includes 10 espressos (some blended, some single origin), one lungo, a couple of flavoured options, hot chocolate and tea. 

Capsules are recyclable if you clean them out and separate the lid.

You can view more details about the range on the Fine Coffee Club website.



21p-28p per pod.

Delivery is free with orders £40 and up. 

Standard delivery is £4.90.

Gourmesso has a range of over 25 pods including: 13 espresso, six lungo, five tea pods, and 11 flavoured coffees including cookie, coconut and almond. Includes decaf, Fairtrade, Bio options. 

There's a recommended alternative for every Nespresso variety, to help you find an equivalent to your branded favourite.

Taster packs are available, and a reward point system earns you one point for every penny spent, which can then be redeemed against future purchases. Pods aren't recyclable.

Find out more details about the range on the Gourmesso website


Nespresso Original

33p-£1 per pod. 

Orders must be in multiples of 50.

Subscription options available from £18/month (which converts into Nespresso credits) and include a £1 Nespresso machine as part of the deal. 

Delivery costs start at £3.95 for Pick Up Point delivery.

Delivery is free on orders over 200 pods.

Nespresso offers over 24 varieties in its Original Line range, including: Intenso (stronger than your average espresso), espresso, lungo, flavoured, single origin and decaf. It also has additional limited-edition options, which change throughout the year.

Pods are recyclable through Nespresso's own recycling scheme. Taster and variety packs are available.

You can view more details about the range on the Nespresso Original website.


Pact Coffee

You can buy a one-off box of 40 for £17.50 or opt for a subscription.

Plans start at £14.99/month (37p per capsule). 

You’ll get 40 pods, but you can choose how often you want a delivery – from one to 60 days.

Delivery is free.

Pact offers a small selection of four espresso pods. We've tested one of these - see our Nespresso capsule taste test to get our coffee experts' verdict on the taste.

Capsules are recyclable if you clean them out and separate the lid.

Find out more details about the range at Pact Coffee.



20p-30p per capsule. Minimum order of 60 and must be in multiples of six boxes.

Subscriptions available from £13/month for 60 pods.

Delivery costs £2.50. Free on orders over £20.

Podista's range includes a couple of espressos, a double espresso and a variety of hot chocolate pods.

Capsules are recyclable if you clean them out and separate the lid.

You can view the range of Podista capsules on Amazon.

Table notes: 

All information is taken from retailer websites and is correct as of 18 June 2018.

Nespresso vs compatible pod retailers

Best value compatible pods

The best way to save money, whichever retailer you choose, is to buy in larger quantities. Most online pod retailers offer their lowest price per capsule - and free delivery - on larger orders, or subscription plans.

Cafepod, Fine Coffee Club, Gourmesso and Real Coffee have the widest range of pods and the best prices, with options starting from around 17-20p (excluding delivery). 

It's worth trying a taster pack before you commit to a large order to see if you like the varieties they offer. You can also see how different online-only Nespresso coffee pods compare to high street offerings in our Nespresso coffee taste test results.

Widest range of Nespresso pods

Gourmesso gives Nespresso a run for its money in terms of variety. It has a large selection of coffee varieties available as Nespresso-compatible pods, including a range of strengths, roasts and flavoured coffee capsules.

It has also matched its compatible pod varieties against the Nespresso range, so you can easily find a coffee similar in style to your favourite Nespresso pod.

Artisan coffee pod roasters

Roastworks, Colonna and Pact offer a small range of Nespresso-compatible pods alongside ground and whole bean coffee.

They tend to be more expensive, but in our 2018 tests, our experts thought that the artisan capsules they tried had more interesting and varied flavours than high street options. See our full Nespresso pod taste test to see which coffees were most highly-rated by our experts.

Best options for recycling

Colonna sells a small range of compostable pods, which can be recycled via your local food waste recycling scheme (they need the higher temperatures of industrial recycling facilities to break down).

Nespresso has a recycling pick-up scheme that you can coordinate with your new pods arriving.

Some of the other brand's pods are recyclable, but only if you go through the faff of cleaning and separating all the component parts.

High street Nespresso-compatible pods 

It's also worth considering high street Nespresso-compatible pods. These can be cheaper if you don't want to buy in bulk, as they don't have any additional delivery costs. To see how pods from online retailers and high street Nespresso-compatible brands compare - including supermarket offerings from Aldi, Lidl and M&S - head to our Nespresso taste test results.

Using compatible capsules in your Nespresso machine

Compatible capsules should work fine with your Nespresso machine. Over the years, we've tried hundreds of compatible pods in a variety of Nespresso models in our capsule taste tests and haven't had problems with pods not working or damaging the machine.

However, you do need to take a little more care with inserting the pods for the best results. Not all pods are compatible with all machines either, so make sure you check the packaging or the manufacturer's website for guidance. Most compatible pods won't work with commercial or built-in Nespresso machines, and some have additional exceptions.

See our guide to using Nespresso-compatible pods for more advice on getting the best out of them.