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Should you buy an RAC dash cam?

By Callum Tennent

RAC may be a household name, but can you trust it when it comes to dash cams? Our reviews will ensure you make the right choice.

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When it comes to motoring, there are few more familiar or established brands than the RAC. The British firm may be commonly known for its breakdown cover and roadside assistance, but it has recently branched out into the dash cam market, too.

There are currently four RAC dash cams out there to choose from, ranging from a wallet-friendly £40 to a steep £160. These devices offer plenty of different features. Standard options include night-time vision and file protection. Models with GPS will record where you were and how fast you were travelling – good to prove you were driving safely. Advanced features include polarising lenses to stop glare, and one model that even replaces your over-head mirror. 

Cost isn't always an indicator of quality, though, and there are also some real duds you should avoid. Our dash cam testing ignores price and judges each model on its own merits - or lack thereof. We objectively measure hundreds of details and qualities to ensure you get the most comprehensive, unique review possible.

Want to go straight to the models that aced our tough tests? Click to see our all our dash cam reviews.

In the table below we reveal the true quality of the RAC dash cams from our testing, with models to suits different budgets and needs. Only logged-in Which? members can view our exclusive ratings and verdicts in the table below. If you're not yet a member, sign up for a £1 trial to get instant access.

Should I buy an RAC dash cam?

RAC 03 Super HD Rear View Mirror Video Dash Cam

Lowest price (in stock) £159.99
Which? score %
Reviewed Jun 2016

The RAC 03 Super HD dash cam is a little unusual - it's fitted over the top of your rear-view mirror, and the display screen acts as a mirror while the device records the road ahead. But does this novel design produce clear and detailed footage? We took it out on the road to find out.

RAC 05 Super HD Video Dash Cam

Typical price £125.00
Which? score %
Reviewed Jun 2016

Compact and feature packed, the 05 Super HD Video Dash Cam is also one of the RAC's most expensive offerings. We took it out on the road to find out if it's worth the outlaying.


Typical price £159.00
Which? score %
Reviewed Dec 2015

This is one of the RAC's earlier attempts to crack the dash cam market. Does it have what it takes to compete against modern models or has it aged poorly? We put it through our comprehensive dash cam test to find out.


Lowest price (in stock) £74.29
Which? score %
Reviewed Jun 2015

There's no denying that the RAC01 has an extremely attractive price tag. But is it possible to make a reliable high-performance dash cam for so little money? We tested it to find out.

How much do RAC dash cams cost?

Of the four models we currently have reviewed on the site three lie comfortably within the mid-range to high-end of the dash cam price scale - over £100 but less than £175. There's then one super-budget model that costs a mere £20, making it one of the cheapest models we've ever tested.

With the majority of RAC models costing a similar amount price is an even worse indicator of quality, telling you even less than usual.

Choosing the best RAC dash cam

With the RAC being best known for roadside assistance, it makes sense that the majority of its other products all relate to your car. Batteries, tyre inflators and breakdown kits are all available from the company's official web store, but when it comes to serious tech dash cams are the RAC's only venture.

If you were looking for extra incentive to purchase one, the RAC actually offers £30 off all of its car insurance quotes if you fit your car with an RAC-brand dash cam.


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