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Dishwashers advice guides

18 articles
Sick of dealing with dirty dishes? Looking for a dishwasher to take over the job? Our expert advice will help you pick the best one for you and keep it running well.

Which dishwasher?

Buying a great dishwasher means kissing goodbye to washing up by hand. Our guide will help you buy the perfect dishwasher for you, your kitchen, budget and priorities.

Top five best cheap dishwashers for 2020

Bag a bargain dishwasher with our pick of the best cheap models we've tested, including a Best Buy for around £250.

Which dishwasher brand to buy in 2020

Take advantage of our exclusive Which? reliability and customer satisfaction data to help you choose a long-lasting dishwasher brand. Find out which dishwasher brands, including AEG, Bosch, Miele, Neff and Siemens, have the happiest customers and which develop the fewest faults over time.

How to buy the best integrated dishwasher

On the hunt for an integrated dishwasher? Find out how to find the best model for your built-in kitchen.

How to buy the best compact dishwasher

Living in a small home doesn't mean you have to live without a dishwasher. Our guide will help you buy the best compact dishwasher for you, your kitchen and your budget.

Top five dishwashers for 2020

We've rounded up the very best of our Best Buy full-sized and slimline dishwashers to help you find the right model for your home.

Top five best integrated dishwashers for 2020

We've rounded up five of our Best Buy integrated dishwashers to help you to find the best built-in model for your fitted kitchen.

Top five best slimline dishwashers for 2020

We've rounded up the slimline dishwashers that have topped our tests, to help you easily find the best model for your home.

Best dishwashers 2020

Choose the best dishwasher for you using our expert buying guide and independent dishwasher reviews.

What are the most energy efficient dishwashers?

Choosing an inefficient dishwasher could add almost £300 to your energy bills over its lifetime and be much worse for the environment.

Dishwasher programs explained

Some dishwashers have an array of programs while others keep it simple. Find out what different programs do and which you need.

How to load your dishwasher

Watch our video guide to find out which dishes should go where and what to do with large items so you can make the most of your dishwasher.

How to clean a dishwasher

Do you have a smelly dishwasher? Follow these six easy steps to keep your dishwasher clean, stop it smelling and help make your plates sparkle.

How to fix a dishwasher that won't start

If your dishwasher won't start and the control panel shows no signs of life, the problem could be resolved with a few quick and easy checks.

How to fix a dishwasher that's not draining

A dishwasher that won't drain can be worrying, but you might be able to fix it quickly yourself, saving you the need to buy a new machine or pay a professional to repair it.

How to fix a leaking dishwasher door

Water may be leaking from your dishwasher, but you might not need to buy a new machine or hire a professional to take a look at it.

How we test dishwashers

Find out why our dishwasher reviews are among the most reliable and rigorous you’ll find anywhere.

Dishwasher salt and rinse aid explained

How does dishwasher salt and rinse aid work, what does it do and how much do you need to use? Read our guide for all the answers.