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Which fridge freezer brand?

Top 14 fridge freezer brands for 2017

By Jess O'Leary

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Top 14 fridge freezer brands for 2017

Which fridge freezer brands are best? Our expert chart reveal whether big names such as Beko, Bosch and Samsung are worth buying. 

We've tested and reviewed hundreds of fridge freezers to find the best for chilling and freezing food. On the strength of our extensive test results, we’ve developed an in-depth knowledge of where brands excel and where they just don’t measure up.

We've crunched the masses of data from our test lab and combined it with our reliability scores to build in-depth profiles of the biggest brands, including Beko, Bosch, Samsung, Smeg and Zanussi. 

In the table below, we've collated all our fridge freezer test results on the current test programme, so you can see at-a-glance how the key brands of fridge freezer stack up against one another. We've also given our expert view of the brand to help you decide whether it's the best one for you.

Safety notice on refrigeration appliances

We monitor and vary the assessments that underpin our reviews to take account of changing standards and areas of concern.

There has been a growing body of evidence from the London Fire Brigade to indicate that the backing material used on a refrigeration appliance can increase the spread of fire. Its tests have shown that if the insulation present in all appliances is not protected sufficiently by a flame-resistant backing, then it can ignite readily and lead to a rapid fire developing.

We are therefore taking the precautionary approach of only recommending those appliances with metal backing – either metal or aluminium laminate – or flame-retardant plastic backs. No non-flame-retardant plastic-backed products, even if they otherwise performed well in our product tests, have retained or been awarded our Best Buy recommendation.

Consumers who already own a refrigeration appliance with a non-flame-retardant plastic-back should be reassured that the likelihood of a refrigerator fire is very low. Our July 2015 research analysing government fire data found that only 7% of fires caused by faulty household appliances were caused by fridge freezers, fridges or freezers. And the material used in the backing allows an existing fire to spread – it isn’t the cause of fire itself.

Best fridge freezer brands

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Fridge freezer brands rated
Fridge freezer brands rated
Brand name Average review score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
Subscriber only content 65% N/A This isn't one of the very top brands when it comes to our fridge freezer performance testing, but it is among the most reliable. Its fridge freezers often look the part, too, so you could do a lot worse than buying a fridge freezer from this brand.
Subscriber only content 57% 62% Fridge freezers from this brand are cheaper and more reliable than most, which is a good starting point if you're considering a model from this brand. However, we've tested plenty of fridge freezers from this brand and found them to be a little hit and miss, so you should read our reviews carefully before deciding which one to buy.
Subscriber only content 67% 82% This brand was revealed to be the most reliable fridge freezer brand in our 2016 survey, and it also has the higher customer satisfaction rating. Plus, although some of their fridge freezers perform better than others in testing, we're yet to see any that performed really poorly, as reflected by the average test score.
Subscriber only content 65% 60% Fridge freezers from this brand tend to be reasonable priced, and we have tested a few that impressed in testing, pushing up the average test score. But it's hard to recommend this fridge freezer brand because it's one of the least reliable around.
Subscriber only content 56% 57% Even though fridge freezers from this brand are reasonably priced and we've tested a couple of respectable models in the past, you may want to think carefully before buying one. It's in the bottom half of our reliability table and, of the brands for which we have scores, it got the lowest customer satisfaction rating in our 2016 survey. 
Subscriber only content 65% N/A We didn't get enough responses in our survey to give a customer score for this brand of fridge freezer, and it ranks in the bottom half when it comes to reliability. Nevertheless, a couple of this fridge freezers impressed during performance testing, so they might still be worth considering.
Subscriber only content N/A N/A We haven't tested any fridge freezers from this brand since 2015 and we didn't get enough responses in our survey to give a customer score. If you've got your eye on a model from this brand, you may want to look at our reviews from other brands first, but if you're set on buying one, you can at least take heart in the fact that it didn't perform badly in our 2016 reliability survey.
Subscriber only content 78% N/A Fridge freezers from this brand have the highest average review score of any brand and they also rank near the top of the list for reliability. While we didn't get enough responses in our survey to give a customer score for this brand fridge freezers, it's still one of our top picks.
Subscriber only content 66% 81% This is the second most reliable fridge freezer brand and also boasts the joint-second highest customer score, so there's a lot to recommend it. This manufacturer tends to focus on energy efficiency over chilling and freezing power, but their models still consistently perform at a decent level in our tough tests.
Subscriber only content 65% 75% Fridge freezers from this brand tend to be expensive, but the brand's high customer score suggests that there aren't many people who regret splashing out. Our results suggests that it's not the strongest brand when it comes to performance, and it only average when it comes to reliability, so there are brands that we would rank above it.
Subscriber only content N/A N/A We haven't tested any fridge freezers from this brand since 2015 and we didn't get enough responses in our survey to give a customer score. But it came bottom in our 2016 reliability survey, so for that reason alone, it's hard to recommend this brand of fridge freezer.
Subscriber only content 72% 81% This is one of the top fridge freezer brands around. It ticks all the boxes because it has the second-highest average review score, the joint-second highest customer score and features in the top half of our 2016 reliability table.
Subscriber only content 61% N/A Although we didn't get enough responses in our survey to give a customer score for this brand of fridge freezer, our test and reliability results reveal that this isn't one of the top fridge freezer brands you can buy.
Subscriber only content 62% 63% These fridge freezers are reasonably priced and pretty reliable, so although some brands beat it for performance, you could do a lot worse than opting for a fridge freezer from this brand.
Table notes Range of test scores and average test score based on results of all models tested under the current fridge freezers test programme. Our reliability rating and customer scores are based on a survey of 1,933 Which? members conducted in October 2016. Average test score calculated from all reviews from since July 2015. Customer score reflects owner satisfaction and how likely owners are to recommend this brand. Where N/A appears, survey data is not available for this brand. Table last updated December 2016.

Choosing the best brand of fridge freezer

As you can see from the table above, the brands at the top of the pile are the two that have an average reviews score above 70% and score three stars for reliability. If you buy your fridge freezer from one of these brands, you are more likely to end up with a machine that will stand the test if time and chill and freeze your food quickly to help maximise its freshness.

The same cannot necessarily be said for brands that score two stars for reliability, or have an average review score or customer score of less than 60%.

Some of the big German brands are worth considering if you want a reliable appliance that will also save you money on your energy bills. But bear in mind that energy efficiency can come at the expense of chilling and freezing power, and this can bring down the average review score.

How we calculate the best and worst brands

We conduct an annual reliability survey among thousands of Which? members, asking them to tell us about their household appliances. The responses are used to calculate a reliability score based on how long fridge freezers last in the homes of real owners, and the types of faults they develop. 

We also calculate a customer score, which reflects how satisfied real owners are with their brand of fridge freezer and whether they would recommend it to a friend.

All this is combined with the years of testing data we have accumulated by putting fridge freezers through their paces. This gives Which? a unique and comprehensive view of the best and worst brands of fridge freezer. 

And because Which? buy all of the samples we test ourselves and we don't accept any advertising, we are completely independent and you can trust us when we make a recommendation.