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Which? Best Buy limescale removers

by Patrick Gallagher

Best Buy limescale removers blitz even the toughest limescale build-up to leave your bathroom surfaces soap-scum free and shiny. Here we reveal the best.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Don’t get stuck with a lacklustre limescale remover. Our independent reviews can give you the inside track on the cleaning sprays that reliably shift limescale and leave your surfaces sparkling.

Which? independent reviews reveal which limescale remover sprays are the most effective. Our tests go further than anyone else’s to ensure that the Best Buy limescale removers we recommend really are the best you can buy. We also identify poor-scoring Don’t Buy products that fail to make the grade, so you’re not stuck with a limescale remover that does a lacklustre job of lifting grime.

Leading-brand limescale remover can cost double the price of a supermarket product, but spending more won’t guarantee you a limescale-free bathroom. Our test results will help you to find the best to get your shower and sink shining in no time.

  • We measure how much limescale each product really removes so you can be sure that, however hard your water is, your Best Buy limescale remover will shift the toughest scale deposits.
  • We reveal the limescale removers that are a blight on your bathroom by failing to shift mucky soap scum.
  • You can use our cost per 100ml calculations to find the best limescale remover for your budget.

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How we uncover the best limescale removers

We’ve tested the most popular limescale remover sprays, including big brands such as Cillit Bang, Viakal, Dettol and Limelite, as well as supermarket-own brands and eco-friendly limescale removers. So when you use a Best Buy limescale remover, you can be sure that it will remove limescale and clean away soap scum better than rival products.

  • Limescale removal – we put limescale removers to work on a rock with the same properties as limescale to see how much they can dissolve. The best remove four times more than the worst.
  • Soap scum removal – we apply each product to tiles laid both upright and flat to check which can remove soap scum from horizontal and vertical surfaces in your bathroom, and which leave behind scum and streaks.
  • Surface care – we leave limescale remover on 10 different kitchen and bathroom materials for 24 hours to check for any surface damage, so you know what would happen if you miss rinsing off a spot of limescale remover.

Limescale remover reviews you can trust

We’ve tested and rated limescale removers from the biggest brands in the Which? test lab – including Cillit Bang, Cif, Dettol and Viakal – and found that the priciest aren’t always the best.

Which? is independent – we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We don't take advertising and we buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.

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