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Cars advice guides

35 articles
Expert advice from Which? on the most reliable new and used cars, how to buy and sell, finance options, fuel economy, tyres, tax and how to find a good garage, plus unique interactive tools.

How to buy the best car

Buying a new car? Our five key steps explain the best way to buy a new car.

Best cars

Want to know which car you should buy in 2021? To make it easier for you to make the right choice and buy the best car for your needs, we’ve rounded up our top-scoring cars by class.

Best car breakdown cover

We compare 23 car breakdown cover companies, including the AA, RAC, Green Flag, LV Britannia Rescue and Start Rescue, to reveal the best and cheapest car breakdown cover providers.

Car emissions

Want to buy a low emission car? Our tests show that death-causing NOx emission levels are plummeting from the latest cars, but planet-harming CO2 from the same cars is actually on the rise. It's confusing, but there are still some genuinely low emission cars on the UK market - our free low emissions checker will help you find them.

How we test

Every car we review is subjected to hundreds of tests in our lab and on the road. Find out how our tests help you choose the best car, and avoid the worst.

Car reliability

Looking for a reliable car that won't let you down? Whether you're after a new or used car, our unique survey reveals the most reliable cars in the UK.

Petrol vs diesel vs hybrid cars: which is better?

Should I buy a diesel, petrol or hybrid car in 2021? Our expert guide reveals whether diesel really is still the cheaper, wiser choice

Electric car charging guide

All you need to know about charging an electric car, including how much it will cost you to charge and how you can reduce this cost

Car tax explained

Updated to include coronavirus information and the latest tax changes from April 2020. We show how much you'll need to pay and which cars are exempt from car tax.

Car brand reviews

From the iconic Brera to newer models like the Stelvio, read on to find out what Alfa Romeo cars are all about.

Driverless cars: what are autonomous vehicles?

How do automated cars work and will they ever be totally self-driving? Discover the semi-automated models available today and learn more about the safety and legal implications of driverless technology

The cars you love and hate

Which cars have the most and least satisfied drivers? We reveal the ones that have most pleased or frustrated their owners - find out if your car is on the list.

Where to buy a car

Is a dealership the best place to buy a new or used car? From car supermarkets to classifieds, we explain and rate all your car buying options.

How to get the best price on a car

Cars are expensive, but have plenty of room for discounts - as long as you know how to ask. We explain how to get the best price on a new car. 

How to sell a car

Our top tips on getting the best price for your car. Plus we explain part exchange, classified ads, auctions and car-buying services.

Car finance explained

Hire purchase, personal contract plan (PCP) or personal loan: which is best for you? We explain your car finance options to help you decide.

Car options explained

Buying a new car can be as bewildering as it is exciting. This guide will navigate you though the optional extras worth considering.

Car safety features explained

Safety is a crucial factor in choosing a new car. We explain the raft of safety features available so you can have confidence in your choice.

Driver calculators and tools

Does buying diesel really save you money? Or is petrol the better buy? Here's our fuel-cost calculator to help you choose the right engine for your car.

How to pass an MOT check

Is your car due its MOT check? Give your car a better chance of passing the test first time, with our easy tips to getting your car in shape.

How to find a good garage

Finding a good, trustworthy garage that’ll charge you a fair price is crucial to keeping your car roadworthy and your bills in check. These tips will help you choose wisely.

Should you buy a used car warranty?

Is a used car warranty essential or is it cheaper to pay for repairs upfront? Our guide explains how used car warranties work and whether they are worth the expense.

What to do if you have a car accident

If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, here are the steps you need to take to deal with it quickly and smoothly.

How to buy car tyres

Tyres are critical to your car’s performance and safety. We explain when and where to buy them, and the different options available.

Best car tyre brands

Bridgestone makes tyres for many applications. Since 1988 it has also made tyres under the Firestone brand.

Which? Car Survey

The Which? Car Survey 2020 has now closed - thank you for helping us to find the most and least reliable cars on UK roads.

How to change a car tyre or use a repair kit

Got a flat tyre? Our videos and simple step-by-step guides can show you how to change a tyre or how to use a tyre repair kit.

Winter tyres and snow socks

Driving your car in snowy, wet or icy weather conditions can be a challenge. Stay safe on the road this winter using our top tips and video guides.

Car headlight bulbs explained

We explain  the  different types of car headlight bulbs now on offer, from LEDs to xenon bulbs,  and their benefits to help you choose

How to jump start your car safely

Jump starting a car with a flat battery using jump leads is really simple. Just follow our 10-step guide and you'll be back on the road quickly – and safely

Money saving driving tips

Spending too much money on fuel? Our guide shows you how to drive efficiently, cut your fuel costs and make your fuel go further.

Parking tickets and fines explained

Finding a parking ticket stuck to your car windscreen isn't nice. Our guide explains your rights, how to contest a parking ticket and avoid getting more.

Speeding fines and tickets explained

Learn your rights about speeding fines, whether it’s worth contesting a speeding fine and how technology can help you avoid them.

International driving permits

Planning to drive abroad this year? Here’s everything you need to know about the International Driving Permit – where you need it, how to get it and what happens after Brexit

Maddie goes electric: episode guide

We’ve teamed up with the Fully Charged Show’s new series ‘Maddie goes Electric’ to give you the definitive guide to ditching petrol and diesel for good.