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Which radio brand?

Which radio brand should I buy in 2020?

By Oliver Trebilcock

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Find out who makes the most reliable radios and has the best aftercare with our comparison of radio manufacturers and retailer-own brands.

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Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

As well as our tough lab tests examining the sound quality, features and how easy each radio is to use, we regularly survey thousands of Which? members to find out how these radios cope day to day. This means we can tell you whether a particular radio is still likely to be going strong after five years or whether it will be habitually plagued with problems.

This helps us form a complete picture of how well particular products perform because, while a radio might sound excellent to our expert listening panel, it’s not much use if it develops a problem a year or two after you’ve bought it. To find out which internet and DAB radios we’ve tested are the best, take a look at our Best Buy digital radios.

Both cheap and pricier radios are taken into consideration, from big brands such as Pure, Roberts and Sony, as well as retailer-own brands, such as Sainsbury's and John Lewis. In the table below, you can see the radio brands you can rely on and the ones you can’t, as well as the most common problems affecting radios. 

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Digital radio brands rated
Brand name Average review score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
64% 85% Its radios are expensive but well made, and the brand excels in terms of product reliability and customer satisfaction. Although it has one Best Buy, its radios are not always consistent in how well they fare in our testing.
54% 74% This brand makes radios that are relatively low in price and do OK in our testing. It's not setting the world alight though - it has no Best Buys. That said, customers seem to love their radios from this brand, which suggests that it offers good value for money.
60% 71% It’s a prolific radio maker, so inevitably this brand's radios vary a bit in terms of quality. In our testing this brand has actually made both the highest-scoring radio and the lowest-scoring one, too.  
60% 70% This brand makes radios that are very low in price and do pretty well in our testing. Of the nine we’ve tested, two are Best Buys. But it has one or two disappointing radios, too.
62% 69% This brand has more Best Buys than any other, but it also has poor-performing radios that bring its average score back down. Generally its products are reliable and customers are usually satisfied with its service.
59% 68% This brand makes radios that are sleek and pricey, but out of the five we’ve tested there’s only one Best Buy and two low-scoring poor performers. Its radios are robust, but it’s a shame its customers don’t recommend it more highly.
45% 65% Its radios tend to be cheap, but it seems that they're well made - the brand excels in terms of product reliability. Customer satisfaction isn't too bad either for a budget brand. It doesn't have any Best Buy radios, so if you want really top quality sound you're better off looking elsewhere.
59% 62% This brand only manufactures a handful of radios now, which are pretty average. But its radios score pretty well for reliability and are reasonably priced. There’s room for improvement with the customer satisfaction score, though.
59% 61% This brand doesn't make many radios, and the ones we've tested have tended to be average. Generally its products are reliable enough but customers aren't that satisfied, according to our survey.
50% 60% These radios are reasonably priced, but they don't do very well in our product testing. For reliability the brand is right up there with the best of them, but its customer score isn't very good. A radio from this brand probably isn't the best bet.
54% 55% This brand's radios are very cheap, but its customer satisfaction score is really poor, and its radios scarcely score well in our tests. It's unlikely that a radio from this brand would be a good purchase.
Table notes
Sample size 2,367 (reliability), 2,782 (customer score)


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Choosing the best brand of radio

The reliability ratings brands receive are a really good guide to where you should start your radio hunt so you can choose a brand you can trust. On the whole, digital radios from the likes of John Lewis, Pure and Roberts are pretty reliable, but not every brand receives a good customer score, as you can see in the table above.

The customer satisfaction score is a combination of how likely owners are to recommend the brand and their overall satisfaction with it, and it shows how real customers feel about each manufacturer’s radios. 

The lowest-scoring brand achieves a poor 55% rating for its service, while the best gets an impressive 85% from customers.

As you can see from the table above, some of the budget brands do surprisingly well for customer satisfaction. It's obviously possible to get a great-value radio that will punch well above its weight. By doing your research and reading our reviews you could make your radio budget go much further. 

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How we calculate the best and worst brands

We survey thousands of Which? members about the products they own so we can find out more about their day-to-day experiences of using them. In terms of radios, this helps us understand the lifespan of individual products and get an overall picture of the quality of the items being manufactured.

Our unique survey accounts for every brand, type and price of radio owned by our members, as long as it was bought within the past five years. This survey is conducted annually and the scores updated with the latest figures, so you can be confident that they are relevant to the current radio market.

This information is combined with our testing data to bring you a clear and comprehensive comparison of the biggest brands producing radios now. We can tell you how they perform in our tests, how long they should last for and what issues they might develop, as well as whether the company itself is easy to deal with should a problem arise.