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Best cheap shredders for under £60

By Andrew Laughlin

Discover the three best cheap shredders on the market that will give you change from £60. These paper shredders will protect you against identity theft without costing an arm and a leg.

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A paper shredder is never going to be the most scintillating purchase you make for your home. But it’s still an important tool to protect you from fraudsters – in fact, eight in ten Which? members own a shredder, according to our survey in October 2015.

There’s no need to make it an expensive purchase. Of the shredder owners we surveyed, three-quarters spent less than £60 on their machine. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed some superb Best Buy shredders that fall neatly into that price bracket.

Got a bit more to spend and just want to see the very cream of the crop? Then head straight to our list of Best Buy shredders.

Best shredders for less than £60


Micro-cut shredders don’t have to cost a fortune - this big brand model offers fantastic quality for the price. It can easily chew through up to eight sheets of paper at once, so will handle most shredding jobs without breaking sweat.


Just because you're on budget, you shouldn't have to accept a sub-par shredder. You may not have heard of the brand that makes this cross-cut model, but you’ll be delighted with the way it securely shreds all your documents - and it costs well under £50.


This affordable and trusty cross-cut shredder won't let you down when it comes to security. It can handle up to 9 pages at a time and the bin will hold around 70 A4 pages of shreddings.


This large shredder is a brilliant all-rounder that can churn through loads of paper. Although it’s very noisy when running, it turns paper into tiny pieces that would require a lot of effort for a fraudster to piece back together.


With a 15-litre bin, 230mm throat and claimed eight sheet-per-pass capability, this is an extremely versatile home shredder for the price. If you’re on a budget, then get it on your shortlist.

Strip-cut vs cross-cut vs micro-cut shredders

When buying a new shredder, it's important to know that the type you purchase will have an effect on overall security.

Strip-cut (sometimes known as ribbon-cut) models shred the paper into strips and, although it would require patience, it would be possible to reassmble them into legible documents.

Cross-cut models (sometimes known as diamond-cut) are more secure, as they reduce the paper to small, confetti-style pieces that would be harder to reassemble.   

However, the most secure type is micro-cut, as thse shredders create even smaller confetti bits that would be very hard to put back together.  

For more tips on picking the perfect shredder for you, see our guide on how to buy the best paper shredder.

What you should and shouldn’t shred

You should shred anything that bears your name, address or financial details. The most obvious items include bank statements, utility bills and legal documents. 

However, there’s a variety of other material that potentially contains personal information, and so you shouldn’t just throw it away, including;

  • Junk mail and magazines
  • Receipts from deliveries and online shopping orders 
  • Pre-approved credit card applications 
  • CVs
  • Self-assessment tax forms
  • Pay slips
  • Cancelled or voided cheques
  • Luggage tags 
  • Used airline tickets
  • Old passports and visas
  • Boarding passes
  • Travel itineraries
  • Family medical documents
  • Pet medical documents

If the document doesn’t have any personal data, then there’s no need to spend time and effort shredding it. Just put it in the recycling bin instead.


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