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Best smartwatches for women

By Hannah Walsh

Are you looking for a small, slim and lightweight smartwatch? We've rounded up the best models available, plus which features to look for.

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We've tested smartwatches that weigh a whopping 180 grams, far too heavy for all but the biggest wrists. The good news, though, is that we've uncovered stylish, slimline smartwatches perfect for small wrists - including a feather-weight 30 gram device, and feature-packed options from big brands such as Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung

Smartwatches still tend to be heavier than activity trackers, but in recent years there have been significant improvements in the range of sizes, styles and finishes available. Many manufacturers are focussing on creating stylish devices that offer plenty of features, or launching hybrid smartwatches that have a traditional design and a smattering of smart functions.

Of course style is important, but we only recommend smartwatches with substance too. The best from our testing effortlessly combine comfort, a wealth of useful features, and accurate activity tracking. We test the battery life of every smartwatch too, so you can be sure that you won't be searching for a charger midway through the day. 

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Best smartwatches for women


It’s available in two screen sizes, 38mm and 42mm, so you can pick the one to fit the size of your wrist. It’s available with an aluminium bezel and range of colours. In terms of smart features and notifications, there isn't much this watch can't do, and there’s a heart-rate tracker and GPS.


This smartwatch packs in a tremendous range of smart, fitness and health features, yet it’s slimmer than its predecessors. The only thing we didn’t like about this watch was the short battery life, which effectively ties you in to charging it each day.


A GPS smartwatch with plenty of fitness features. It’s accurate at tracking and its battery life is decent. Its smart functionality isn’t especially advanced, but it will help you stay connected without you needing to keep on reaching for your smartphone.

What features should I look for in a slim smartwatch?

In the past opting for a slimline smartwatch meant missing out on key features, and having to settle for disappointingly short battery life. Now that there are more lightweight, stylish options available, which features should you look out for?

Built-in GPS Some sensors can add weight or bulk, but we've found smartwatches with built-in GPS that weigh just 30 grams. It's useful for those that want to track walks or runs without taking their smartphone with them, or use map functions. 

Heart-rate monitor A wrist-based heart-rate monitor can help you track improvements in fitness and health over time. We've found some smartwatches with heart-rate monitors that cause the device to protrude from the wrist, or that leave a sore mark on the skin when fastened. But we've also tested smartwatches with built-in heart-rate monitors that are well integrated - meaning they will sit flush with the skin, and don't become uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. 

Advanced fitness-tracking functions Certain smartwatches have just as many exercise-logging features as fitness trackers or watches, and some are particularly advanced. More sensors can often mean a bulkier device, but that isn't always the case. One of the sleek smartwatches in the table above has a plethora of sensors, including GPS and heart-rate sensors, and an accelerometer and barometer for tracking movement and changes in atmosphere or altitude. It can track a whole host of activities and exercise, even including dancing.

Battery life A slim smartwatch used to mean short battery life, but that's no longer the case. On average, smartwatches in our testing lasted for more than eight days per charge, but one lightweight device exceeded this.

12 daysOne lightweight smartwatch lasted more than 12 days in our battery testing

Design Gone are the days of bulky, masculine-looking smartwatches, and there's sure to be a slimline smartwatch to suit your style as most come with multiple options for the bezel and strap.  

If you prefer the design of a traditional watch, your best bet is a model with a round face and a leather or steel-link strap. If you want a model  that's suitable for wear during exercise or sports, a removable rubber or plastic strap will be easier to keep clean and a reinforced glass display will help to protect against scratches.


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