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Which sound bar brand?

Top 10 sound bar brands for 2017

By Daniel Nissenbaum

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Our huge survey of more than 10,000 people reveals which sound bar brands keep their customers the happiest. Read on to find out the best bets for satisfaction. 

Put us to the test

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One of the best measures of a product is how happy you are with it after you've bought it. Our sound bar testing is rigorous and exacting, and every year we also look for your opinions in our huge member survey. 

We've ranked the most popular sound bar brands, such as Samsung, LG, Bose and Sony to find out which one is most likely to satisfy customers. If you're just looking for our top-rated sound bars, head straight to our Best Buy sound bars page.

We asked thousands of sound bar owners how satisfied they were with their products, and how likely they'd be to recommend them to a friend. We then turned these results into a customer score for each brand, and ranked them accordingly. 

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Brand Average review score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
71% 88% This brand hasn't released many models, but the ones we've tested are of mixed quality. But customers are clearly happy, with a whopping 98% saying they are satisfied with their sound bar.
81% 75% With the highest average review score, this audio specialist brand is worth seeking out. Its good-quality sound bars satisfy 91% of customers, with 84% saying they would recommend this brand.
60% 72% Despite its audio pedigree, this brand doesn't tend to hit the heights in our product testing. Customers are pretty happy though, with 94% of the owners we surveyed satisfied with its sound bars and 80% saying they would recommend one.
74% 70% This electronics giant does consistently well in our lab testing, however its customer score is a touch off the best of them. It's by no means bad though - it still keeps more than 87% of its customers satisfied with its products.
57% 70% This high-end audio brand has released a few sound bars, achieving mixed results in our lab testing. However, if you buy one it seems that you're unlikely to be disappointed - 87% of respondents said that they were satisfied with its products.
68% 67% This audio brand specialises in hi-fi but has released a few sound bars in recent years. While our tests have revealed mixed performances, almost 90% of owners are satisfied with their sound bar from this brand.
54% 62% This brand's products don't tend to do particularly well in our tests, putting it among the lowest ranked brands in this list for review score. Only 70% of owners would recommend buying its sound bar - that's a long way adrift of the best sound bar brands.
64% 62% Another big brand that we've tested plenty of models from. But despite a host of products, its average test score of 64% puts it in the middle of the pack. With 83% of owners telling us they're satisfied with their sound bar, it's among the three lowest ranked brands in this regard.
61% 59% Sound bars from this brand are a little hit and miss, with some disappointing models labeled a Don't Buys in our tests. Customers tend not to be as satisfied with them though. Less than three quarters of people would recommend this brand's products to someone else.
45% 48% This audio brand releases sound bars quite rarely, and they don't tend to do well in our testing. You should definitely think twice before going for one of its sound bars - less than half of owners would recommend opting for this brand.
Table notes
Results based on June/July 2016 survey of 1,465 sound bar owners. Data correct as of March 2017.


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Choosing the best brand of sound bar

The difference between the best and worst brands of sound bar is stark. Buy a sound bar from the top brand in the table above, and you're pretty much guaranteed to be happy with your product. By comparison, the worst brand left around two in five people dissatisfied with what they'd bought. 

The best way to avoid disappointment is to read our reviews. While the scores and ratings above are a good guide to what you might expect from brands, you won't know how an individual model compares. Also, some brands, such as Samsung, LG and Sony, make a much larger range of models than the others. The scores above are just an average of their whole range, so checking the reviews will let you see if there are any models that buck the trend for that brand. 

How we calculate the best and worst brands

Every year we carry out a huge member survey. Thousands of people are asked about the products that they own, and how satisfied they are with them. We also ask how likely they are to recommend their products to someone else. We use these figures to calculate a percentage score so we can rank brands on how customers feel about their products.