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How we test spiralizers

By Alice Williams

We put spiralizers through a series of tough tests to find the best. Find out how we uncover the models worth buying.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Our vegetable spiralizer tests are designed to reveal the superior models that will produce perfect noodles while also being easy to use and clean, and root out the poor performers that will leave you with scrappy veg strips and a sore arm.

Handheld, manual and electric spiralizers are all put to the test in our lab, and our independent testing is built around the things that you tell us are important to you. Not sure what you need? Try our spiralizer buying guide.

Our reviews answer the most crucial questions about spiralizers:

  • How well does it spiralize fruit and vegetables?
  • How quick is it?
  • Is there any vegetable wastage?
  • Is it easy to use and clean?
  • How much effort does it take to spiralize?
  • Should you buy it?

How well does it spiralize fruit and vegetables?

The best spiralizers churn out perfectly formed noodle strands, but others make a heap of scrappy pieces or sloppy, unusable mush. We challenge each spiralizer with a variety of  different fruits and veg, from carrots and courgettes to potatoes, so you can be sure to bring home a product that gives you stellar spirals again and again, whatever food you throw at it.

By using a mixture of hard and soft food we make sure that the spiralizers can cope with whatever you throw at them. We assess the evenness of both the shape and length of the noodles, how well they’ve separated and if there was any breakage or scrap pieces.

How quick is it?

Different types of spiralizers tend to be quicker than others. As you might guess, electric spiralizers make much quicker work of the task than the handheld or manual vegetable spiralizers, but there is still a lot of variation between models. The fastest electric models can get the job done in just 15 seconds, but the slowest will have you waiting up to a minute – slower than the fastest manual option.

Read our spiralizer reviews to find a model that won’t keep hungry mouths waiting.

Is there any vegetable wastage?

The best spiralizers will allow you to make the most of your fruit and vegetables, making the maximum amount of spiralized noodles without leaving a large core or stub behind. You can of course chop up leftover bits and add them to the mix, but it means fewer noodles and more chunks, which isn't really what you're after, especially if you're trying to pretend it's pasta.

We measure the weight of the whole vegetable, and compare it with the weight of the spiralized veg noodles minus any core or stub left over and any food caught in the blades. The more noodles you get, the better the efficiency score in our reviews.

Is it easy to use and clean?

However beautiful your noodles turn out, it’s crucial that producing them is painless. Spiralizers can be rather baffling to set up. We've tried models that will have your arms aching, and leave your veg battered and bruised, as you scratch your head struggling to produce simple spirals. 

We rate how helpful the instructions are, how easy the spiralizer is to use - including how stable it is on your worktop - and how easy it is to spiralize different shapes, textures and sizes of fruit and veg.

With fiddly blades to clean, we also assess how much effort it is to clean up once you're done, and how easy it is to move and store the spiralizer. 

How much effort does it take to spiralize?

If you’re looking to use a spiralizer to get your children interested in vegetables, or simply don’t want dinner time to be a workout, you'll want a product that isn't a strain to use. 

Most manual spiralizers need a relatively firm and consistent pressure to push the vegetable through the spiralizing blades. However some are much harder work than others. We measure how much force is needed to operate each model, so you can easily see which models make light work of spiralizing.

Should you buy it?

Our star ratings help you to check how well each spiralizer fares when it comes to the features that matter most to you. Each element of the testing above feeds into an overall score for each model, with some elements being more important than others and carrying different weights. These break down as follows:

  • 50% - ease of use
  • 30% - noodle quality
  • 10% - speed
  • 10% - efficiency

We have a different Best Buy threshold for manual and electric spiralizers, as they work quite differently. Handheld and manual spiralizers need to score 70% or more to earn our Best Buy recommendation, whereas electric spiralizers need to score 80% or above. 

Any spiralizer scoring 45% or below will be highlighted as a Don’t Buy to avoid.


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