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What size TV should I buy?

Top 5 best 55-inch TVs

By Martin Pratt

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Being in the market for a 55-inch TV gives you access to a world of OLEDs, QLEDs and high-end LCD TVs, but you don't have to spend big.

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At 55 inches your options are plentiful. For every high-end OLED TV with the latest features, there's an LCD model that costs less than half as much.

But which ones should focus on? LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony are still the leading lights of the TV world, but the likes of Hisense, TCL and Toshiba offer cheaper models to consider, too.

In this guide, we'll show you five excellent 55-inch TVs at different price points, so there should be one to suit you. We've also picked three to steer clear of to demonstrate what separates a great 55-inch model from a dreadful one.

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Best 55-inch TVs


This 55-inch TV exudes class. The picture is stunning and the sound is expansive. Your room is filled with rich audio and the whole thing is a dream to use. It's the best TV of 2020.


The high-end TVs from this brand are untouchable and we can't see that changing any time soon. Stellar picture and sound are complemented by a simple to use operating system, it really is the full package.


LCD TVs don't get better than this one. It's picture is stunning, sound too, and it's so simple to use. It's a 55-inch dream.


This 55 incher barely puts a foot wrong, which is why it's one of our favourite models from 2020. If you want to spend less than £1,000 then this is a top option.


This 55 incher sounds spectacular and has some of the best 4K picture quality around.

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And here are three 55-inch TVs to avoid

With so many high-end options, the chance of spending a great deal of money on a poor TV increases. You'd hope that an OLED or QLED screen, or the advanced features that come with a pricey TV, would guarantee quality, but that's not always the case. We've found top-tier TVs from household names that fall short in key areas of picture and sound quality.

Here are some of the worst 55-inch TVs we've tested recently.

Three 55-inch TVs to avoid


It's a really poor effort. The cheapest TVs rarely do well, but this really is scraping the barrel. Few 55-inch TVs have done worse in 2019.


This brand may becoming more well known, but in our test lab it's known for all the wrong reasons. This 55 incher falls short in just about every area, but sound quality is the most obvious issue.

How to choose the best 55-inch TV

Unlike with smaller TVs, you really don't need to compromise here. At 55 inches, you can get a TV with the latest features and technology. It's not the case that all 55-inch TVs are cutting-edge, though, as there are still more basic sets available for anyone not looking to spend too much money.

If a 55-inch TV is right for you, these are some features you should look out for:

  • OLED and QLED displays OLED sets are the talk of the TV town thanks to their knack for contrast and motion control, while QLEDs (made almost exclusively by Samsung) are bright and colourful. These are the priciest TVs around and often top each brand's range. Some of these TVs are Best Buys, but they aren't a must. If you want a TV that excels in all areas, then you can choose a cheaper model with a standard LCD display. If your budget extends to an OLED or QLED you should absolutely consider them, though.
  • Advanced HDR formats At smaller sizes, you tend to only see HDR10 and HLG supported, but bigger sets often get Dolby Vision and HDR10+. As with OLED and QLED displays, it's not just size that dictates what formats a TV supports, though, it's also price. Generally, pricier high-end TVs support the advanced formats, although Samsung is an exception. All of its 4K TVs support HDR10+, not just the QLEDs. You can learn more about all the formats in our guide to HDR TV.
  • Voice control It's still far from a must-have feature, but voice control has its uses and it's becoming more common in larger TVs. You can use the microphone built in to the remote to ask a range of commands. Basic ones, such as changing volume or input, can be easily done with a button, but searching for shows or jumping to a specific channel is much more useful.