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Washing machines advice guides

21 articles
Which washing machine? How much to spend? Best brands? All you need to know about washing machines, from the experts at Which?

Which washing machine?

You'd think all washing machines make a decent job of washing and rinsing but we've found plenty of machines in our tests that fail on these basic tasks.

Which washing machine brand?

At Which?, we've been testing washing machines since the 1950s. Along the way, we've developed an unrivalled understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each brand. Find out which one comes top.

Top five washing machines for 2021

We reveal the top-scoring Best Buy washing machines from our Which? reviews to suit your family and budget - and the models to avoid.

Top five cheap washing machines for 2021

Bag a bargain Best Buy washing machine with our top pick of the cheapest on test.

Best washing machine deals for 2021

Deals Updated: 1 March 2021

How we test washing machines

Get the full lowdown on why our washing machine tests are the most rigorous you’ll find anywhere.

Useful washing machine programs

From quick washes to child locks, we demystify common washing machine programs and tell you whether they're worth spending a little more on.

How to clean a smelly washing machine

Musty smell coming from your washing machine? Watch our video for quick ways to cure the odour and keep things smelling fresh.

Energy-efficient washing machines

Discover the washing machines that wash clothes well while keeping energy costs low.

Smart washing machines explained

What is a smart washing machine and do you need one? Discover which brands are best and what smart washing machines cost.

How to fix a loud washing machine

If you think your washing machine is excessively loud, follow these easy steps to quieten it down. Our video and step-by-step guide explains all.

How to fix a dodgy detergent drawer

Mouldy, grimy, detergent drawer? Watch our video to solve common problems with your washing machine detergent drawer.

How to deal with strange sounds from your washing machine

If your washing machine has started making a worrying sound, this is the video for you.

Washing symbols explained

Baffled by confusing washing symbols on your clothes labels? Select from commonly used symbols below to find out what each means.

Washing machine temperature guide

Find out which temperature to wash at and what happens to your clothes – and bills – when you change your washing machine temperature to 20°C, 30°C, 40°C or 60°C.

How to install a washing machine

Installing a new washing machine yourself could save you around £25 for a freestanding model and £100 for a built-in machine.

How to buy the best integrated washing machine

From how to fit your integrated washing machine to the best price to pay, here's everything you need to know about buying a built-in washer.

Common washing machine problems and how to fix them

What’s wrong with my washing machine? From problems with the spin cycle to blockages in the drain hose, find out how to fix common faults.

How to design a utility room

A well-planned laundry room can make boring chores easier and more enjoyable. From design ideas to storage options, our guide covers everything you need to know.

How to wash clothes

Use our expert laundry guide to keep your clothes looking good. We cover everything from detergents to fabrics and even how to clean soiled clothing.

Washing machine cleaners compared

Our washing machine cleaner guide compares products from Dettol and Dr Beckmann and explores the claims made by manufacturers.