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The Graco Mirage travel system pushchair is supplied with a Junior Baby car seat containing a newborn head support, so this pushchair system can be used from birth to three years of age. It also includes a raincover, hood with window, play tray and cup holder - but is this travel system pushchair worth investing in?
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oliviaiasi wrote:
graco mirage - boring but so practical!
i have owned over the years (and seven children) three or four second hand graco pushchairs and they are always the ones i go back to.the mirage is very light but to my mind not flimsy. it has a huge basket (i love this)it has cup trays for the child and adult (so useful)very easy to push,fold and adjust seat.i never found the handle height a problem.it just doesn't look all that pretty or smart!car seat clips into pushchair in one movementbuggy folds and onfolds in one movementbut in the end, it's so practical that i prefer to use it over my pretty but heavy, impractical silver cross!i give it 9/10 (s it doesn't have parent-facing mode which i'd like)
27/11/2014 1:53 PM GST

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