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  • Pushing on pavements
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Can use with a carrycot? Select if you want a pushchair that can be used with a carrycot, either on the frame instead of the seat or on top of the seat. A convertible pushchair has a seat that can be converted into a carrycot.

Reversible seat unit Whether the seat unit can be attached to face the parent or the direction of travel

Height adjustable handles

Age and weight suitability

Suitable for use from birth? Choose whether you want to use your pushchair from birth, with or without a carrycot. If you want a seat that can be used from birth choose the 'Yes - seat is excellent' option.

Maximum weight Manufacturer's recommendation.

Car seat compatibility

Car seat compatible

Compatible brand These tend to be pushchairs that are compatible with their own brand of car seat.

Select your preferred brand of child car seat.

Also compatible with Some car seat brands are compatible with both their own brand of pushchairs and many other brands. Select these makes if you want the widest choice of car seat compatible pushchairs.

Select if you are interested in car seats by these major car seat brands.

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