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The TFK Joggster Twist pushchair is from Germany where the brand is popular for its range of all-terrain and jogging pushchairs. We sent it to our pushchair lab where experts tested it for safety and durability before we let parents and their babies loose on it to tell us how convenient it is to use in everyday situations.
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hanpan wrote:
brilliant from birth to large toddler! I love it
This is the third pushchair I have owned, and the one I based on the shortcomings of previous purchases ( Graco Symbio and a generic 3 wheeler).Plusses:- It is incredibly easy and light to push and manouvre, well made, - the brake is great, very easy to use- the integrated insect net is brilliant, and also keeps the direct sunlight off (my 3 year old requests 'the net' when it's sunny. - The seat is nice and deep- the review says this might be bad for smaller children but it has adjustable calf support that you can raise up to avoid this- I often still do when my son is sleeping. - the bumper bar is easily unclipped at one side. For me (living in sweden) this makes it far easier to get the child in and out of a chunky cosy toes in winter, and generally to piuck them up without waking them if they are asleep. - The zips for the backrest give a combination of useable angles, and while not super easy to do up with the child in, I have not seen a system that is- even drawstring designs require you ease the pressure on the back on the seat with your other hand, this is no different and my son is 15 kg.- decent sized basket underneath- handle has good height range, I'm 5'11' and it's one of the few that can be as high as I'd like it.The folding is not a massive drama at all. It is reasonable heavy, but I disagree that it is bulky. It folds in half and fits in my boot next to the dog cage (ceed estate), and also fits in my sisters hyundai 130 hatchback fine. I'd expect a proper pushchair to be a little bulky to be honest, its not a travel buggy! I prefer this over the urban jungle which is so long even when folded.there are 2 massive plusses in addition that for me make this the pushchair with everything.1. the multi X carrycot option: the seat bit is removed for use with the carry cot. But the carrycot also turns into a seat- parent facing (bit like the design in the my3 mothercare range but switches to an integrated seat later). Now for me that's why I bought the graco symbio first time round- for the parent facing seat. But when they are older its a pain having a 2 part pushchair the take apart. This offers the best of both worlds: a large parent facing seat when they are small, and then an all-in-one pushchair with a large seat when they are older. My son fits comfortably when he occasionally uses it now at 3 and a half.2. The buddy seat. so many people opt for phil and teds because it is an in line 2 seater. The tfk does this with the buddy seat (bought separately, about £60) My son fits fine still. and the big plus is, unlike p&t's the buddy seat can be used at the same time as the carrycot. Perfect for toddler and new baby, with no compromise an having the baby in a soft lift and forward facing. So much better! I would say this is not a pushchair if you live in a city (I bought it from a lady in london who sold it nearly new for this reason). As a jogging all terrain type product it would be needlessly hard work in really tight spaces. I live just outside a mid sized town. For me it is no problem in town and even in shops and the mall but it also works well taking the dogs for a walk on gravel tracks, and in snow. I don't take the bus or train generally (though did in London when I collected it without any issue) so city people could find better pushchairs. But for those in the country or somewhere in-between, this is awesome.So that is it, my rave review! I have bought this for number 2, but in the mean time its used for my older son since he was 2.5 yrs. I am really happy as it does everything I want and was lacking in others. I did a lot of research before buying this, and for my needs it fits perfectly.
23/6/2014 10:09 AM CUT

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