Buying a car Car Valuations

  • Get the best price when buying or selling a car using our trusted valuations
  • Quick look-up using registration number (if known)
  • Price adjusted for exact mileage
  • Add options and any damage to reflect car's spec and condition
  • Downloadable PDF of your valuation, including full vehicle spec
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Want to know how much a car is really worth? Use the Which? Car Valuations tool

Which? Used Car Valuations tool

Finding out your actual used car value is paramount when buying and selling a used car.

Read our in-depth car reviews to find out which car you should buy next.

The Which? Car Valuation tool allows Which? members and non-members to tailor a valuation to the car in question, quickly and easily.

Which? members can use the Car Valuations tool free of charge to obtain five valuations in a 12-month period starting from the date of your first valuation. If you need further valuations these can be purchased at a special rate of £2.50 for one, £6 for three or £10 for five. 

If you’re not a member, you can obtain a single valuation for £3.50, or sign up for a trial to Which? for £1 to use the valuation tool for free and gain access to all our reviews.

Our Car Valuations tool is powered by CAP – the market-leading provider of vehicle valuation data - and the prices shown are always up-to-date.

Car Valuations page

Car buyers and sellers can get a full detailed valuation of a car

Benefits to used car buyers

If you’re contemplating buying a car, knowing in advance the value of the car you’re interested in gives you a big advantage.

Not only can a car valuation be used as an effective bargaining tool when negotiating the price of a used car with a dealer, it also gives you a realistic valuation of a car being advertised by a private seller.

While you’ll be looking to buy a car at its cheapest value, a seller will be looking to get the biggest profit possible. The Which? Car Valuations tool arms you with a recommended true value before you even start negotiating. It can also provide you with a current market value when you’re getting a quote for car insurance.

How much is my car worth?

Setting a price that reflects a true value of your car can be tricky. While you’ll want to get as much for your car as possible, you don’t want to scare off potential buyers by setting too high a value.

The Which? Car Valuations tool enables a seller to identify the real value of their car for sale before advertising. So when the time comes for selling a car, you can set a price reflecting whether you want a quick sale or the optimum profit that's realistically available.

This means you’ll never advertise your car for sale at a price that is too low, and it also empowers you with a trusted used valuation to negotiate with hagglers looking to secure a cheap car.

How to use the Car Valuation tool

  • Members can log-in and use the Car Valuation button in the top-right of this page to start using their five free valuations
  • Non-members can start using the Which? Car Valuation tool now at £3.50 per valuation
  • If you know the registration number or the car you’re looking to value, enter it along with the current mileage or the car. If you don’t know the registration number, use the navigation tool.
  • You’ll now need to confirm the vehicle you’re searching for. If the correct vehicle is displayed, read the Terms and Conditions and tick the box to say you’ve accepted them.
Car Valuations page

Our Car Valuations tool allows you to specify which options the car has fitted

  • You should now be taken to the Optional Extras page. This allows you to mark any extras the car you’re looking to buy or sell has. This includes a number of options, from exterior features and wheels to entertainment and trim levels.
  • The next page is your valuation. This page supplies you with basic information including the car model description and the valuation reference. It also supplies you with the value of the car when new (including the options you ticked on the previous page) and lists the standard equipment the car has.
  • The Car Valuations are the most important information. These are split between a number of different values including dealer price, private sale price and trade-in prices.
Car Valuations page

You can also configure the price depending on the damage the car has

  • If you want to tailor your valuation even closer to the car in question, you can navigate to the bottom of the Valuation page to the ‘Car not in perfect condition?’ section. You can add any imperfections the car has, from bald tyres to screen chips and bodywork damage. The valuation will then be tailored to the condition of the car.
  • Once you’re happy with your valuation you have a number of options. You can bookmark the Valuation page so you can return to it at a later date.
  • Alternatively, you can print the Valuation page so you can use it as a bargaining tool when buying or selling a car.
  • And finally you can download the Valuation as a PDF. You’ll be able to save the PDF on your computer and go back to it whenever you like.

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