Buying a car Petrol or diesel?

Petrol or diesel?
  • We consider cars from six popular sectors
  • We calculate the true payback period for the diesel premium in fuel savings
  • Calculations based on the unique Which? lab test results
  • Follow the links to do your own calculations and make the best choice

What's in this guide

  1. Finding out the real costs

    We help you decide whether to pay extra for a diesel, comparing popular models.

  2. Superminis

    Choosing a supermini? Is the diesel Fiesta worth the extra cash?

  3. Medium cars

    Is it best to go for diesel in a medium family hatchback? We compare two Vauxhall Astras.

  4. Luxury cars

    Carrying VIPs round town or looking for a motorway cruiser? Which 5 Series is best?

  5. MPVs and Estates

    Is petrol or diesel the best choice for powering your family to its destination?

  6. 4x4s

    Tiguan's good on the school run or country driving, but which fuel choice is cheapest?

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