Eco cars rated Electric cars guide

Nissan Leaf
  • Electric cars on test - how they rate for range, costs and CO2 emissions
  • What you need to know about running costs for electric cars
  • How to recharge an electric car and what you'll need at home to do it

What's in this guide

  1. Electric cars' range

    All of us are concerned about just how far electric cars can go on a charge - we find out the truth

  2. Running costs and emissions

    Many electric carmakers have claimed their cars are 'zero emissions'. We show that this isn't true

  3. About our calculations

    Here, we explain some assumptions based on typical domestic electricity arrangements

  4. Government grants

    The government provides a cash incentive to encourage more electric car use - here are the details

  5. Charging an electric car

    If you own an electric car, you'll need to be able to charge it at home - and on the move

  6. Tax, resale and leasing

    There are other financial implications for electric car ownership - not least the car tax exemption