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Find cheaper fuel at supermarkets

Many petrol stations, particularly those at supermarkets, have promotions on fuel. But they rarely run constantly, so Which? checks the deals on offer every week, so we can help you save money on fuel.

Here are some of the current deals on offer from UK supermarkets. 

Several supermarkets have slashed their prices over the last few months. Tesco dropped prices by 1p a litre for both petrol and diesel while Asda has taken up to 1p a litre off petrol and up to 2p per litre from diesel costs. However, prices are now starting to creep up again.

Bear in mind that other petrol stations close to supermarkets may drop prices in attempt to compete too.

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Free fuel at Morrisons

Surely you can’t get a tank of fuel for nothing? Well, under a new fuel discount loyalty scheme launched by Morrisons, this is a real possibility.

The Morrisons Fuel Saver Scheme offers money off fuel at its filling stations if you buy shopping gift cards at Morrisons’ tills. There are gift cards available to be spent at over 40 retailers, including Currys, Homebase, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Waterstones, iTunes, Next, Boots and Halfords.

The gift cards come in £10 denominations. A £10 gift card qualifies you for a coupon worth 1p off a litre of petrol or diesel. A £50 gift card gives you 5p off a litre.

There is no maximum limit on the number of gift cards you can buy, so if you’re planning on a big purchase, say a £500 computer from PC World, you could buy £500 worth of gift cards and receive 50p a litre off your next refuel.

If you bought £1,400 worth of gift cards, you could save £1.40 per litre – effectively meaning you’ll pay nothing for your next tank of fuel.

Is there a catch? Well, the maximum fill-up is 100 litres at any one time, and fuel vouchers are only valid for 63 days from the date of issue. Also gift cards are non-refundable and if the retailer goes bust, you’d be unlikely to get your money back.

Cheaper fuel with loyalty schemes

If you regularly fill up at the same outlets, it could be worth signing up to a loyalty scheme. 

Tesco, for example, allows its Clubcard holders to collect points on fuel purchases, which can later be exchanged for discounts on anything from groceries to holidays. 

Similarly, the Nectar card allows holders to collect points when they spend at various outlets, including BP and Sainsbury’s forecourts.

Tesco is currently offering discounts of up to 20p per litre of fuel at its petrol stations. Customers will receive 2p off a litre of fuel for every £50 they spend in store. For every further £50 they spend they can receive an additional 2p discount, up to a maximum of 20p off per litre. 

Do note however, that vouchers are only valid until the end of the following month, so you will have to spend £500 in store within a short period of time to be able to amass a full 20p per litre discount. Tesco is running this offer until 30th September. 

Some loyalty schemes act as clever marketing tools, though – allowing companies to push particular products and services your way based on what you buy.

Fuel cashback cards

Some credit card providers offer cashback when you buy fuel. However, they mostly only make sense if you're spending a lot of money on fuel every month.

For instance, the Santander 123 card offers you 3% cashback on fuel purchases up to £300 per month at participating retailers, meaning you could save £9 per month. However, the savings are dented by the card's annual fee of £24. 

Amex Platinum Cashback Everyday cardholders can claim 5% cashback on fuel purchases for the first three months (up to a maximum of £125 cashback), and 1.25% thereafter. To be eligible, you need to have a minimum annual household income of £20,000.

And if you're an AA member, you can apply for an AA Rewards card, which offers 1% cashback on fuel purchases in the form of AA points (which can be turned into cash or gift cards). There's no annual fee with this card.

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