Driving advice How to appeal a parking ticket

  • How and when to appeal a parking ticket
  • What to do if your car is clamped or towed away
  • Top tips to avoid receiving a parking ticket
  • Sample letters to use when appealing a parking ticket

What's in this guide

  1. Parking tickets: your rights

    The laws and regulations you can use to deal with a parking ticket.

  2. Parking ticket enforcement

    The different types of parking ticket issued by traffic wardens

  3. How to contest a parking ticket

    Step-by-step guides to help you appeal against a parking ticket.

  4. Parking tickets: tips to avoid them

    Five common mistakes drivers make to get a parking ticket.

  5. Parking ticket appeal sample letters

    Template letters you can use to appeal parking tickets and fines

  6. Parking tickets in Scotland and NI 

    How parking ticket laws and regulations differ outside England and Wales.

  7. Parking ticket FAQs

    Commonly asked questions and answers about parking and parking tickets