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  • NEW PRICE: £17,745 - £27,725
  • USED PRICE: From £2,675

The Verso is Toyota's rival for mid-sized European MPVs such as the Vauxhall Zafira, Volkswagen Touran and Ford C-Max. The Verso was first launched in 2004 and underwent a major model change in 2009. There was a less extensive revamp in 2013.

Latest model: Toyota Verso (2009-)

Pros and cons

  • Pro: Reliable and well made, car-like drive for an MPV, practical
  • Con: Slightly dull, petrols thirsty, third row cramped on seven-seater

New Toyota Verso reviews

The Verso benefits from all the traditional Toyota virtues, including quality, reliability and practicality. But is that enough to carry the day against European rivals which cut a bit more of a dash? Read our full review to find out more.

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Video transcript

My local minicab firm uses Toyota Versos, and there are several very good reasons for that. Firstly, it packs seven seats into a relatively small space. Second it's easy to drive. And thirdly, like most Toyotas, it's reliable. But with so many rival MPV's available, is that enough? Click the link below to sign up to Which and read our full Toyota Verso review including lab test data for performance, fuel economy, and more.

The 2013 thirteen update sees pointier front end styling that brings the Verso into line with rest of the range. Prices at around £18,000 but you can pick up a used Verso for less than £6000. There's a choice of two petrol engines or the two litre diesel which I'm driving today.

Despite a modest 122 brake horsepower power. It hauls the Versa along quite well. There's plenty of low down torque for towing, and it's pretty refined too. This particular taxi is certainly a lot easier on the ears than a London black cab. Unlike some Toyotas, you can't have a Verso with hybrid petrol/electric power.

For that, you will need the bigger, more expensive Prius + MPV. Click the link below to watch our Prius + video. Only the 1.8 petrol Verso is available with an automatic gearbox. The diesel has this six speed manual here which is mounted usefully high on the dash board. Officially fuel consumption is 57.6 MPG, while CO2 emissions of 129 grams per kilometre put the Verso diesel in the same car tax band as most of its rivals at the time of filming that means a bill of £105 per year.

As I mentioned before this is an easy car to drive with lights steering and a comfortable ride. A Ford C-Max is more fun from behind the wheel but the Verso has got plenty of cornering grip plus the full compliment of safety systems in case the worst happens. The Verso isn't the biggest 7 seat MPV available.

It's a size smaller than the Ford Galaxy or Alhambra for example, but it makes good use of the space available. There are three adult size seats in the second row. and they can all slide, recline or fold forward individually. However, the third row is strictly for kids only and luggage space is very limited.

with the seats in place. With all the seats folded flat we measured 940 liters of space up to the window line. That's on part with the largest state car Actually I took a matress to the Tip yesterday in this and it didn't even flinch. Rear seat passengers will appreciate this panoramic sun roof and it's expensive at £550 and you're better off with a cheaper portable Satnav than the £650 Toyota system here.

The Verso isn't a car you'll fall in love with but it isn't one you'll regret buying either. Few cars tick so too many boxes and four years into it's life it remains a very pragmatic choice whether you're a mum or a mini cab driver. That said the Verso though isn't our highest rated MPV, visit the 'Which Car?' website, to find out what is.

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  • Toyota Verso (2009-)

    2015 Toyota Verso 1

    New price: £17,745 - £27,725

    The seven-seat Verso MPV offers practical family transport - but is it better than rivals?

Used Toyota Verso reviews

The Toyota Verso is very reliable but doesn't depreciate that heavily so bargains may be hard to find, especially among more recent cars. The petrols are fairly thirsty but the diesels will cost more to maintain.

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Toyota Verso reviews