Loft insurance

How to buy loft insulation

  • Insulating could cut your energy bills by £240 a year
  • Expert advice on choosing the best loft insulation
  • The pros and cons of different types of loft insulation
  • Deals and discounts for cheap or free insulation

What's in this guide

Loft insulation costs and savings

We reveal how much you could save by installing insulation and how to choose the best type

Types of loft insulation

The pros and cons of each insulation type, including blanket, loose-fill, blown and sheet insulation

Installing blanket insulation

How to install blanket insulation, preparation tips and whether it's suitable for your home

Installing loose-fill insulation

Expert advice on fitting loose-fill insulation in your loft, including how to prepare your loft for insulation

Installing sheet insulation

Advice on installing sheet insulation in your loft, including tips for insulating loft conversions

Installing blown insulation

You'll need to employ a professional to install blown-fibre insulation - find out how it's done