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The Ecocamel aerates water as it flows through the shower head. Its maker claims the result is a spa-like shower with significant water savings. We gave the £25 Ecocamel a try with two showers to test the claims – with mixed results. 

We conducted a quick test of the Ecocamel with two showers. With a fairly powerful gravity-fed shower, the Ecocamel used a third less water and did make showering feel a little nicer – if noisier.  

But if your shower is not powerful enough, it seems the Ecocamel just won’t work. With an electric-pumped shower at a low-ish 0.75 bar pressure, the Ecocamel just spouted water out of the hole which is designed for sucking air in - making for a miserable shower. Not only was there only a dribble to shower in, the water wasn't aerated either. Ecocamel says that 0.7 bar is the lowest pressure its shower head can cope with.

But with the more powerful gravity-fed shower, there was sufficient flow to make the Ecocamel work, producing a softer-hitting flow of water. As Ecocamel claims, less water bounces off the body.

The instructions warn that some tape may be necessary to ensure a good fit with the hose, which matched our experience of a minor leak. And the Ecocamel is noticeably noisier – a bit like having a hairdryer running nearby – although we did get used to this.

Saving water and money with the Ecocamel

The Ecocamel managed to give no discernible reduction in flow, while using a third less water. A significant saving, but less than the 45% to 60% claimed by Ecocamel. 

We did some rough calculations on the potential savings, and found that the Ecocamel could pay for itself well within a year, though that depends on how many times the shower is used, whether your water supply is metered, and how much you pay for water heating. As with the water saved, this is a little short of the company’s claim (up to £240 a year for a family of four).

The Ecocamel aerating shower head is available direct from Ecocamel online, or by calling 0844 888 8339. 

Pros: Used a third less water in our test, relatively low cost, slightly nicer-feeling shower

Cons: Noisy, only works with sufficient pressure, might leak