Food cooking on the barbecue

Barbecues: How to buy the best barbecue

  • Expert advice on how to pick the perfect barbecue
  • Gas vs charcoal - the pros and cons explained
  • The different barbecue types, brands and prices you'll come across when shopping

What's in this guide

Choose the perfect barbecue

Key considerations to help you buy the best barbecue for your taste, needs and budget Contains video

Gas BBQs

Everything you need to know about gas barbecue types, brands and prices

Charcoal BBQs

Freestanding, kettle, half-barrel – choose the right charcoal barbecue for your summer feasts

Gas vs charcoal barbecues

The pros and cons to help you choose the best barbecue option to go for

A guide to barbecue features

The useful features to look for in a barbecue and the pitfalls to avoid when using them