How to prune

Pruning is easy when you understand the basics.

Watch our video guide on how to prune:


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Why do we prune?

Pruning is done for several different reasons:
• to remove dead or diseased growth
• to encourage better fruiting and flowering
• to create attractively shaped plants
• to encourage vigorous growth and other desirable habits, such as bushiness.

What tools should you use?

For most pruning jobs, a good pair of secateurs is essential. You can choose between bypass models, which cut like secateurs, and anvil ones, which have a sharp blade that cuts onto a blunt one. It’s a matter of personal preference which you choose.

For cutting wood that is thicker than a pencil, you can use loppers; these are like secateurs with long handles, which give them extra force when cutting.

For branches, a pruning saw is the best choice. The easiest ones to use in the garden fold up and pop in your pocket.

How do we prune?

When pruning, it’s important to cut just above a bud, as stubs will die and can cause problems with rotting.

Make sure the cut is as clean as possible. Tidy up with a knife if necessary, especially for thicker wood.

Different plants need pruning at different times of the year and in different ways. The best advice is to refer either to the label or a reference book for further instruction.

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